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More Free Your Pits headlines, and my pit crew.

7U6A72867U6A0059 7U6A2036 7U6A7322 7U6A2640 7U6A2646 7U6A7661 Hey babes. Here are more pit shots from this last year of pit celebration. The first pic of me was taken by Elizabeth Suman. The rest are pictures that I took of my pit crew, Rain, Sarah, Alix, and Brette.

In the original Free Your Pits Manifesto, we gave a list of all pit hair dye articles that had been published till that point. Here is more news from the Free Your Pits Movement front lines…..

Refinery29 encourages me to write this post as a public response to the body hair shaming antics on The Today Show.

New York Post says “dying armpit hair is now a thing”

Buzzfeed calls me Rosie, and is stoked on Pit Power.

People mag style watch says you might Dye for this shit. cares enough to call and ask me questions, which is awesome because I have feelings about these things. They do justice.

Time magazine is down with pit color.

Tune in to The Real on FOX tomorrow for a discussion of the Free Your Pits Movement (hopefully) or maybe just some giggling about the ‘dying your armpit hair fashion trend.’ Not quite sure what to expect there.

This has officially been the strangest week of my life. Makes the world seem small and possibilities seem endless. Goodnight, Love to all who are here:)

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