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DIY Bang Trim from the Queen of Bangs.

7U6A3867 Some people just have perfect bangs, all the time. And you have to wonder how? How do they keep them so sharp and shapely? The answer, thanks to the Queen of Great Bangs Danielle at VAIN, is here.

You will need……Sharp shears. A comb. A flat iron.

You will not need…..Too much coffee. It can make your hands shaky.

7U6A3377Make sure your bangs are dry. Use your flat iron to straighten them, giving them an ever-so slight rounded curve, so that they fall against your forehead without being too stick straight.7U6A3435

Comb your bangs into their natural placement. Now carefully, with small quick snips, cut a straight line across the ends of your bangs. Use the tips of your shears to snip, snip, snip. Don’t try to cut them all in one long snip! This is not the way. Pretend your shears are little Miss Pac Man mouths, chewing their way along the ends of your bangs, little by little.

Use your comb to hold your bangs gently straight against your forehead for control, if needed.


Determine if you want your bangs to be straight, or rounded up into Betty Page Bangs, or rounded down at the corners like bucket bangs. Cut the line you want, slowly and carefully.

7U6A3466Now carefully use the tips of your shears to snip up and into the ends of your bangs. The idea is to remove tiny bits of hair from the ends, so that they taper in better. Slow and steady, snip snip, all along and into the bottom line of your bangs.

7U6A3445Lastly, re-sharpen the line one more time, by skimming once again across the ends of your bangs. Comb your bangs into place, and keep those shears tight against your forehead as you work your way across, perfecting your DIY bangs.

XOXO, HTHG and Danielle The Queen of Bangs.

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