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Queer-ish Faux-mullet Viking -esque Braids

julsJules was in a hair pickle. She was feeling very depressed about how thick and long her hair is, how sweaty it made her in the Summer heat, and how it made her feel like a ‘desperate, horse-obsessed 7th grader.’

She was preparing to leave for a 7 week stint in Europe as an assistant guide for Rick Steves. She almost shaved the sides Skrillex-style, and then thought for a minute that she would have me pixie the sides and top and give her a legit Euro-mullet. She wanted a hairstyle that made her look slightly more queer. We settled on braids that gave her the mullet effect, with a fierce Queer Viking Maiden vibe.


Jules has great hair for styling because it is so thick and never too clean….(She is a ShamPHree babe, ) She and her magnificent hair brought us the Wino braid, the Viking braid, and also the Perfect 60’s Beehive and the Superbowl Hairnucopia.

Here is how we did it. Begin by checking out this post for a run-through of how to do cornrows.






We started by sectioning off the entire top of the head, wrapping it into a tight bun and clipping it out of the way. Then, I sectioned off the back of the head as well, so her entire mohawk strip down the center of her head was left out of the braids.

I made the temple’s the point to begin each parting for each of three small french braids, which radiated back, halfway to the back of her head.

The first sub-section braid parting was below the top section of the head, and I made sure to tightly bun and clip all the hair beneath it so as to have a well-defined bit of hair to braid. I started a small french braid at her temple, adding in tiny bits of hair from either side as I worked my way back, guiding the braid down the sub-section. When I reached the large back section of head and all the hair from my small side subsection was braided in, I continued the braid down the free ends of her hair, securing the tail with a clear elastic.

I made a second braid parting starting at the temple, and dividing the remaining side section of hair, straight back radially below the first braid. I clipped off all the hair below it to isolate the sub-section, and then I braided the second braid in the same manner as the first.

Then, I began a 3rd braid at the temple, french-braiding the remaining hair into it.

Repeat the 2 braids on the other side of the head.

A fun way to wear this ‘do is to back-comb the hair at the top of the head to get some tousled height, then tie the braids together 2 at a time across the back of the head!

This hairstyle is a great one for road trips and long travel stints because it dramatically cuts down on the amount of hair that hangs in your face, making it easier to get it all back, all while rocking those fierce braided sides. It is possible to DIY, but is a good one to have a braid-friendly pal help you with:)

Happy Summer!

xo, HTHG

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