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#tankbabesrealbodies Colored Braids and Crimped Curls

7U6A63507U6A62137U6A6235Hello! Today, we take a quick minute to share another styling trick from our Tank Babes, Real Bodies shoot, where we collaborated with VAIN stylists/artists Jeanne, TT, and Belinda to recreate and celebrate Tank Girl, Fierce Road Warrior-esses and body positivity.7U6A6862

For this look, we wanted to create as much texture as possible in Merith’s long red hair, and make it big. And we also wanted some braids with color to add some contrast and detail to the ‘do.

So what do we do? We begin by barrel curling her hair, working through section by section. Then, we spray it well with Kevin Murphy Session Hairspray to set the curls. Than, we work through the curls with a crimper, randomly crimping pieces here and there to add more texture to the hair.

Then, we get some synthetic Kanekalon Hair in several colors, and pulled out a couple thing strips of it to braid into Merith’s cornrows, which TT did beautifully. To do this, you will start your braids by making your first 2 partings to isolate your braid section. Begin with your 3 braid strands in hand. Now lay the strips of synthetic hair underneath your starting strands…..One end of the synthetic hair will be a part of strand 1, and the other end will be a part of strand 3. Begin braiding tightly, weaving that fake hair into your braid.

Once her braids were done, from her front hairline to her crown, we back-combed and teased the heck out of her hair, and pinned it up high on the top. I ratted up more fake hair into balls and pinned it into and under her hair to add more volume and color.

Me-thinks she looks like quite a riot-ress.

7U6A7740PS. I used the same technique for adding fake hair into TT’s 4 inch loc’s……Braided in pink and black and a tiny bit of purple to extend her long tail, then coiled it all about the top of her head, pinned it, and left the tail hanging down the back.

The dream team of stylists who created the looks for #tankbabesrealbodies can be found here:

Instagram: Belindathebold



Photography by myself, RJH for FilthandBeauty


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