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Bearded Lady Twists

7U6A3639Hello! How is everyone? Are you enjoying the end of Summer? Have any of you tried out any of this years Bethefair Hairstyles here at HTHG?

The last one from this series for 2015 is the Bearded Lady Twists, which are a modern take on the Bearded Lady Braids from 2 years ago:)

This time, the hairstyle is demonstrated on Brette Howard, using a Nikki Jacoby Hair Comb instead of hair sticks…..And Bearded Lady Twists are an absolute dream for dirty hair! So rock them on the 3rd day to keep your style fresh and jamming when you don’t have time to wash and dry.twists

This hairstyle works for hair slightly below shoulder length and longer.

Begin by sectioning off the entire top of the head, from behind one ear straight across the back to the other ear.

Take all the hair from the top section in one hand, and twist it several times as you wind it into a bun on top of your head.

Secure your bun with a hair comb, hair stick, or bobby pins.

Now, take all the hair from below in one hand, and begin to twist it, pulling it out from the head in one direction as you twist. Now, guide the twist up and around your bun in an ‘S’ shape, which it should want to do naturally. If it isn’t working, try winding it in the other direction.

Wrap the end of your twist around your bun, tucking and pinning it into place under the bun, to secure the second twist. Add as many pins as you need to make sure your twists are very secure.

Looking sharp, woman. #bethefair

xo, HTHG



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