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Boredom and Catching up on Things.

Another case for boredom. What is boredom exactly? According to Wikipedia, boredom is an emotional state experienced when an individual is left without anything in particular to do, and not interested in their surroundings.

Here at our house, we have had the pleasure of rolling around in boredom, pushing through the uncomfortable suspension of having nothing too pressing to keep us trying to get shit done, and finding beauty and fun in the mundane!

To be more specific, our school system is embattled in a strike, and the kids haven’t started school yet so we have spend several days now just bumming around, finding birds nests and photographing them, picking flowers, riding bikes, doing little projects, and braiding our hair. A true gift, if you ask me. IMG_7267

When my daughters say ‘i’m bored’ I know that it is just a matter of time before they use their little creative brains to figure out a project that engages them in the world around them, and before long, they are fully entertained. I love it.

Today, they helped me forage for greenery and flowers on a walk at the lake, which I then braided into their hair, which inspired them to dress the part of floral empresses. Take that, boredom.IMG_7359

IMG_7324After such a busy Summer, I am loving this time, knowing that as soon as the teachers reach an agreement about their pay with the school district ( I say, hold out for more!) our lives will pick back up into a frenzy-like pace.

7U6A1148Catching up on the last few weeks, I had a fantastic time at Bandittown, doing Braids and Beehives and hanging out with some incredible people.

I met a guy named Terrance Reimer there, a photographer. We talked shop, he convinced me to start making prints of my favorite images. Checked out his website, loved what I saw. Check out these two hair shots he captured! He shoots with real film! Really inspired me to learn more.IMG_7218IMG_7219


Post about Bandittown Beehives coming soon!


Our last night in California was spent camping in Yosemite, where we swam in a lake and woke up in the middle of the night to hungry bears tearing around our camp site, digging through Labor Day Weekend garbage.

IMG_7312This past weekend, I gave my nephew SeaBass his first ever haircut, while his cousins fluttered about excitedly.IMG_7309

Marley, my 8 year old, finally let me give her bangs. Halleluja!

IMG_6859Lastly, went out for pizza the other night, and saw Black Lives Matter being written by the jet stream of an airplane in the sky above Seattle. Too fucking cool. Keep it up, everyone.

xo, HTHG

Like my photos? check out my photography site, Filth and Beauty.


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