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#tankbabesrealbodies Special Effects Cornrows

7U6A66307U6A6601Hello! Today, we take a quick minute to share another styling trick from our Tank Babes, Real Bodies shoot, where we collaborated with VAIN stylists/artists Jeanne, TT, and Belinda to recreate and celebrate Tank Girl, Fierce Road Warrior-esses and body positivity.7U6A8178

As you can imagine, I watch with absolute admiration as I watched TT rock out these cool cornrows on Belinda. I wondered how the heck she did them, because they obviously weren’t your average run-of-the-mill rows.

Her trick for these totally righteous braids?  7U6A6620

Start by braiding tiny free braids, in a row. Then braid THEM into your rows. WHA???

Is it any wonder these braids look so cool?

Above the ear and along the hairline, section out a very thin row of hair from the temple to the nape of the neck on one side. Make 10 tiny free braids right next to each other in this row. Only braid an inch out from the scalp, letting the ends be free. (The braids are so tiny, they won’t unravel;)

Now, right above this row, make a parallel parting of hair about the same width. Begin at the front hairline, making a tiny french braid (cornrow) in this section, adding only from the bottom side. Add your tiny braids into this braid as you work your way, braiding back towards the nape of the neck.

Cool, right?

The dream team of stylists who created the looks for #tankbabesrealbodies can be found here:

Instagram: Belindathebold



Photography by myself, RJH for FilthandBeauty



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