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The Ultimate Bridal Party Hair Guide

Hello my dears!

Has anyone else noticed that this Summer was a total wedding explosion?

It seemed that every weekend had a wedding in it, the salon was a bustle with brides and bridal parties, and nerves were frazzled by many a anxious bride, while other brides were cool and collected as they watched their bridal hairstyle being built. The Pressure Was Officially On.

All this hustle and bustle about weddings got me thinking about putting together a little hair guide for brides, a place where a bride could browse for hair inspiration for herself and her bridal party…….And then send the link to her hairdresser OR, for the brave DIY brides who plan to do their own hair and/or have their maids do each others hair, complete with floral embellishments a’la HTHG’s Stone Fox Bride Floral Hair Coven with confidence and the proper instruction from yours truly.

Let me take a minute to profess My Bridal Hair Mottos:

When deciding on your bridal hair, and/or a hair scheme for your bridal party, choose styles that will allow you to still feel like yourself on your big day. Your wedding day hair should reflect your personality and make you feel like the most lovely version of who you already are.

Unless you are truly a buttoned up perfectionist, don’t strive for hair perfection. The most lovely wedding hairstyles are lived it, fuzzy, and perfectly imperfect.

Whether you plan to DIY your hairstyle or work with a stylist, make sure to do a run-through before your big day.

Before you begin planning your style, take the time to read HTHG’s Bridal Hair Do’s and Dont’s to help you prepare for the best wedding hair possible…..Trust us on this one.

With that said, I won’t waste further time……. Let’s find you a hairstyle that you love.

Here are 3 collections of HTHG DIY hairstyles fit for a bride and her maids, or even for a fancy wedding attendee…….Whether you are the one walking the aisle or not, you deserve to have great wedding hair. We get this. Because other people’s weddings are basically the only time we get to dress up in life.

The first collection of hairstyles has a classic vibe,


bride classic

*While most of these hairstyles link to actual tutorials, a scant few of them are just photos and a description to use for inspiration when DIY-ing your wedding style.

These first shots are of more classic bridal DIY hairstyles, some embellished and some not. They have a vintage feel to them and are timelessly gorgeous.

  1. Gatsby Bride (And more 1920’s Inspired Bridal Hairstyles)
  2. Classic Braid
  3. Valley of Roses Hairstyles
  4. Cupcake Buns
  5. Galway Curly Hair Milkmaid Braid
  6. Classic French Twist
  7. Princess Brettevier
  8. Infinity Braid
  9. Wrapped French Fishtail



  1. Magnolia Stone Fox Bride Braid
  2. Basket Braid
  3. Infinity Braid with Vintage Brooch
  4. Stone Fox Bride Braid
  5. Braid up the Back with Roses
  6. Wrapped French Fishtail
  7. Betsy Boss Braids
  8. Floral Hawk
  9. Punk Rock Cinderella
  10. Vintage Floral for Curls
  11. Air Plant Hair
  12. Modern Bride Braid

These styles are HTHG’s more modern bridal DIY hairstyles, with and without embellishment. These hairstyles are unique, interesting, something a little different for a bride who dances to the beat of her own drum.bridesboho

And lastly, our soft and floral boho bridal DIY hairstyles, for sheer romance and straight-up prettiness. ( We highly recommend fresh flowers in your hair, all the time;)

  1. Succulent Braids
  2. Flowering Mint Braid
  3. Japonica Braids
  4. Lovely Rita Bun
  5. Floral Afro
  6. Le Poisson de Paris Prom
  7. Summer Bride
  8. Spiritweavers Fern Braid
  9. Flowers in Her Hair
  10. Secret Garden Bride
  11. Stone Fox Braid Crown
  12. Stone Fox Floral Braid
  13. Floral Bride Hair Down Inspo
  14. Floral Bride Hair Down Inspo

We certainly hope that you find your wedding dream hair in this post, because there is nothing that makes us happier than connecting people with their dream hair, especially brides because we know how real it is to you and we get that your hair is your thing, and that it has to be unique, gorgeous, and perfectly you.

If you find this post helpful and hairspiring, please don’t hesitate to share it with your friends:)

If you are interested in hiring HTHG to style and/or photograph your wedding party hair, please contact Roxie at howtohairgirl@gmail.

*All hairstyles and photography in this post by Roxie Jane Hunt/ Free Your Hair Creative Director




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