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Earth Punk Hair

Hi Dears.

My daughter Marley gave me the gift of inspiration when she described her personal style as Earth Punk. She had been reading pages from her diary from when she was 6, and had described her style at the time as Girly and Fancy. She remarked at how those words just really don’t describe her anymore. I had a proud mom moment hearing her identify her sense of style with the Earth and Punk.

It got me thinking about the beauty of the unconventional, the undone, the natural state, the free-thinking, and the organic deconstruction of perfection which gives us a look into the process. Expressing ourselves. Experimenting. I’m talking, of course, about hair;)

Earth Punk, to me, is all of these things. The ‘Earth’ part is the regard for what we have naturally, and what we are given by the Earth around us. Our natural state, and the gifts of the elements which we are always surrounded by.

The ‘Punk’ is the DIY part of it, and the free-thinking/alternative seeking qualities…..The rejection of standards and mindfulness to aid in the creation of an authentic life, authentic style, authentic haircut. It is taking matters into our own hands, cutting our own hair, following our own path, and watching the beautiful process as it unfolds.  Mindfulness and DIY are cornerstone ideologies of Punk.

Today, I wanted to share some Earth Punk Hair, to inspire you all to appreciate your natural wild hairs, to think outside the box, and to notice how the Earth plays into your life. The weather outside, the plants you eat, the ground you walk on, the products you use in your daily life, the resources you consume.DSC039427U6A3323 DSC05161 DSC04862 DSC05223 IMG_4787 DSC04140 DSC06488 DSC05229 DSC05298 DSC04941 DSC04961 DSC05582 DSC05690

This weekend, take some time to be mindful of the small ways that you take care of yourselves, and think of some ways to give back to the earth, even if it is just by being grateful for what it provides. Smell a flower, pick up trash, get your hands dirty. Enjoy your hair in it’s wild, natural state. Experiment. Forage for flowers to adorn your crown. Give thanks to the plant that you pick from. Play around. Do some Dirty Girl Hairstyling.

Channel your inner Earth Punk.

Check out our shop if you are needing an overhaul of Mindfulness and Embrace the Natural in your hair care routine. We at HTHG believe that hair is a great place to start .

xo, HTHG

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