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#tankbabesrealbodies Halloween Road Warrior Braids

7U6A63357U6A65147U6A65077U6A6523Hello! Today, we take a quick minute to share another styling trick from our Tank Babes, Real Bodies shoot, where we collaborated with VAIN stylists/artists Jeanne, TT, and Belinda to recreate and celebrate Tank Girl, Fierce Road Warrior-esses and body positivity.7U6A65437U6A82257U6A6567

Want to know a cool trick? Want to make your braids explode with color in all directions? Check out these insane caterpillar looking braids……….They have your name written all over them for Halloween right? Here is how we did them.
Get yourself some Green extension hair and a large plastic sewing needle.

Begin by making some braids. We suggest crimped dutch braids like the ones shown here on Rain. For best results, flat iron the hair first, spray it with firm hold hairspray, then work through in small sections with a crimper. NOW do your braids.

K done? Now, take a nice chunk of that long green extension hair and thread it through the head of a needle. Beginning at the top of one braid, thread the needle through the base of the braid, and pull the hair through, stopping 2 inches or so from the ends, letting them poke out. Pull the needle over the braid and thread through again, right next to your first stitch. Work your way down the braid, winding the hair around the braid with stitches.

Keep winding and stitching all the way down the ends of your braids, stitching right through them. When you reach the ends, let the green extension hair hang free and pull out your needle.

Now, carefully take some scissors and cut straight down the center of your wound extension hair, being careful not to cut your actual hair. The sides will fan out automatically.

Trim ends as needed, then spray with hairspray to set the style. Add feathers if you want!

Now rock these braids hard and watch people try and figure out how the hell you did em;)

The dream team of stylists who created the looks for #tankbabesrealbodies can be found here:

Instagram: Belindathebold



Photography by myself, RJH for FilthandBeauty


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