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#tankbabesrealbodies Halloween Tank Girl Crazy Hawk

7U6A64747U6A64797U6A8196Hello! Today, we take a quick minute to share another styling trick from our Tank Babes, Real Bodies shoot, where we collaborated with VAIN stylists/artists Jeanne, TT, and Belinda to recreate and celebrate Tank Girl, Fierce Road Warrior-esses and body positivity.

7U6A6934Sometimes in life, we need a really badass mohawk filled with fuzzy things, feathers, and metal shards. Today, we will give you a few tips on how to rock this style, for Halloween or for regular life.

You will need to shave the sides of your head to begin with, or braid them and pin them, leaving the top section free.

Spray sea salt spray into the hawk, then use a texturizing paste to make it nice and tacky and piece-y.

Now, get yourself some afro textured extension hair and some Natural Dyed Guinea Feathers, and some bobby pins.

Starting at the base of the hawk, make a horizontal parting an inch above the neckline. Now grab a puff of your afro hair, and rat it if needed, to make a little ball of hair. Pin the hair ball into the parting, making sure to grab firmly to the hair underneath to secure the hair ball.

Repeat this every few inches, working your way up the hawk.

Once you have added in enough hair to make the hawk look like it is alive and with a life of its own, spray it well with hair spray. Now, add your feathers into the hawk one by one, by their stems. push them right into the hair where you want them. Now spray again. You will be amazed at how well these little feathers want to stay on their own!

Now, add whatever you want to your hawk, and be assured that most anything you stick into those textured hair balls will stay a while. Get creative! build a veritable monster of hair!

What are you going to be for Halloween? Or MAYBE I should be asking your hair?

The dream team of stylists who created the looks for #tankbabesrealbodies can be found here:

Instagram: Belindathebold



Photography by myself, RJH for FilthandBeauty


xo, HTHG


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