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The Braidfull Braid

7U6A0306Have you ever longed for a hairstyle that is bursting with braids? A mother braid filled with baby braids? A braid so full of braids that it can only be described as braidfull?

We have just the thing for that. And it is this……….The Braidfull Braid.

The inspiration for this braid was our late-summer Tank Babes Real Bodies shoot, where my fellow stylist TT demonstrated some incredible cornrow braids on Belinda using a technique where she braided tiny braids into a larger braid, and it blew my braiding mind.

So with TT’s braids as our inspiration, we created this Braidfull Braid. Here is how to do it.

The Braidfull Braid

braided braidsBegin by sectioning out a mohawk section with the hair down the center of the head. The section should be basically 4 inches wide, centered, with parallel partings starting at the front hairline, roughly above the arch of each brow, straight back to the nape of the neck. Clip off this section, you will be working with it at the ends.

With the hair that hangs on either side, you will be creating 4  free braids, or relatively equal sizes.

Starting at the temple in the front, create a small section that starts at the front hairline, and ends an inch or so back, above the front of the ear. Make a small braid from the root to the ends, securing the very ends with a clear elastic.

Make another section behind this first braid, about the same size, making another parting well behind the ear. Make a braid, secure the ends.

Do this with the rest of the hair on that side, creating 2 more braids.

Now repeat on the 2nd side. You will have 4 braids on each side, with the mohawk section still free.

Now, in the front of the mohawk section, begin a french braid. As you french braid down the length of your mohawk, add your little braids in, one at a time.

Your add-in sections will include hair from within the mohawk as well as a small braid, creating the Braidfull Braid look.

As you overlap your sections, try and manipulate the ends of your small braids so that they stay nicely tucked in underneath the mama braid.

Secure the ends of your Braidfull Braid.

Hope you enjoy this one!

xo, HTHG




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