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Enjoying the Process with Tinge Pastel Conditioner.

7U6A3356Hi babes! I stumbled across this company Tinge Temporary Pastel Conditioner a few months back, while gramming-out one night, and my first thought was YES!!!!! I am SO glad that someone is doing this!

In the salon, I am constantly helping people find ways of keeping their pastel hair color from fading too fast. Generally, I walk them through how to make their own pastel conditioner and their eyes glaze over. Okay I get it. Not everyone wants to mix it themselves.

7U6A3225Enter Tinge Pastels, a line of perfectly formulated color which deposits a literal TINGE of color to the hair, brightening already-there pastels, and adding beautiful water-colory shades to light hair.

YES!!!! And so, it began. I had to have some. I reached out, they graciously sent me one of each color to try out. In the meantime, I feverishly send links to their shop to all my pastel-hair clients and commitment-phobic blondes who really want to dabble in going pink.

When I got my Tinge tubs in the mail, I excitedly opened them all and checked out the tones. I immediately loved the fresh, not-too-sweet lavender scent, and the simple, lovely packaging. The colors were totally on-point.

7U6A3252I decided to use my new Tinge colors to finally give my daughter Marley her sunset dream hair. As I applied the color, I noted how the color went on easily, spread really nicely, and made for a beautiful application.

I parted her hair into 5 horizontal sections, starting at the nape, and working my way up to the top of her head. I applied a different color in every section, from roots to ends.7U6A3290

Of course, I had a little fun with it. I really enjoyed the process of applying the Tinge colors, and then playing with her hair once the color was in……..The colors were translucent enough that I wasn’t afraid of dying her skin, or of the colors bleeding together, so I molded her hair around into different designs, taking full advantage of the opportunity to really have fun with hair and color in a safe, contained, temporary way.7U6A3305

Tinge Temporary Pastel Conditioner is:

  • DIY: A safe & easy way to add pastel colors to light blonde hair.
  • TEMPORARY: color lasts just 3-5 washes or longer, giving you a perfect pastel without the commitment.
  • NON-DAMAGING: Gentle conditioning, paraben-free formula allows you to use as often as you want.
  • MADE IN SAN FRANCISCO by people who just want you to look good and be who you are.
  • VEGAN and 100% animal cruelty free.
  • AND it comes in five different colors:  Pink, Purple, Peach, Turquoise and Silver.

We rinsed Marley’s hair out, let it dry, then I introduced her to the crimper.

Needless to say, Tinge helped me give Marley her dream hair. She actually said, when it was all said and done, ‘It is like a hair dream come true!’

Then, she asked me a question that I have been waiting for for a few years now, a question that I am still learning how to answer.

Mom, you always say that I am beautiful just the way I am. Why do I feel more beautiful when my hair looks like rainbow witch hair?

Hmmmmmm. I answered with this: Think of your hair like a piece of original art. Isn’t it wonderful to be able to wear it on your head?

Did not address the core of the question, but it bought me more time to think of a thoughtful way of answering.

How would you answer this question to an 8 year old? I would love advice. Sorry, went off topic their but it seemed important.

Thank you, Tinge for the fantastic line of Pastel Conditioners, and the opportunity to give an 8 year old her dream hair, and raise a great question.

I can’t wait to play with Tinge more in the future: Next stop, Coloring my neck-bangs pastel blue.


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  1. NG

    I would love to try this! My hair is light brown though. Do you think the color would still work and not look too muddled? I’m thinking maybe silver could work?

    1. roxie.hunt Author

      They would all work except probably the blue:)
      And you would see a nice tinge of color, more so in the lighter parts of your hair:)
      You can always lighten a few of your ends and then try it!!!!! have fun!

  2. Renee

    Your daughter’s question really got me thinking…I guess I would say that we are all beautiful as we are, but we all have things that make us feel more beautiful, more like our true selves. Sometimes we find things that make us feel like our inner self, the way we see ourselves, is more visible to the outside world. We use different things that make us feel beautiful because those things make us feel more like the person we are inside.

    1. roxie.hunt Author

      Thank you so much for this. Beautifully put:)

  3. SaraSarah h Mathews

    How was the wash out process? I’m super interested, but the 3-5 OR MORE is what is freaking me out. I love my super white hair, but wouldn’t mind some purple for a few days here and there!

    1. roxie.hunt Author

      It is perfect for some purple days here and there. It truly washes out in 5 washes, max. Mine has been lasting about 3-4. It is super fun!

  4. Marissa Pomarico-Maxson

    Hello! I have dark brunette hair that I would like to make more ashy. Do you think the silver would help me get that effect or do you think it just wouldn’t show up?

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