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Woven Braids

7U6A0387Sometimes I get tired of trying to fit my braidspiriments into the Pinterest game. This braided hairstyle, this slice of woven braidsanity, is a breakout braid that I just had to try out, and share (of course!) without heed to the fact that it is strange and impractical and not like the other ones.

IMG_7353I had a week of total boredom tinged with total creative drive a while back, a week that brought to life this woven braid, as well as this other woven hairstyle with grass.

Today, I will take you through the ins and outs of the woven braids.

Woven Braids

crazlesThe gist of this hairstyle is 3 braids going across, from one side to the other, then, 3 braids woven into them going from the front to the back.

To begin with, you will make a parting at the front hairline that goes from one temple to the other, in a curved arch, basically sectioning out what would be the bangs. (if you have bangs, make your parting behind them.)

Now split this front section into 3, from one side to the other. Braid each of the 3 sub-sections, from roots to ends, securing the ends with clear elastics.

Now, you will be saving these aside till the end, so clip them out of your way.

To create your 3 horizontal braids, begin on one side, with a section of hair just beneath the side of your bang section. This section should be roughly the same amount of hair as one of your first 3 braids.

Braid the section until it is long enough to stretch tightly across the back of your head, to the same spot on the other side. Now take about half the same amount of hair from this section and braid it right into the braid, pulling it tightly. Now, your braid will continue, attached to this side, and you will double it back. Pull it back across to the other side, braiding as you go so.

Pull the braid snug against the head as you work towards the first side. When the braid is long enough to reach, take a bit of hair from below the base of that first braid, braid it in tightly so that it attaches at the scalp, and double it back again, braiding back across the head in the other direction. Does this make sense?

Do this once more, to the other side. Add in hair to attach the braid, and then braid about halfway down the free end of the braid. Now take the braid, and pull it across the back one last time to make a total of 4 times. Take a small bit of hair from beneath the base of the last braid, add your braid to it nice and tight, and attach in right to the scalp with a small clear elastic. Let the ends of that braid hang free and join the rest of your hair.

Basically, you are creating one continuous braid which overlaps across the back of the head, re-attaching on each side as it doubles back. If you are having trouble understanding, this tutorial might help.

Now comes the fun part!!!! It is time to weave! Take one of your 3 braids from that front braid section. Channel your inner pie crust lattice skills, or pot-holder loom weaving skills, or any weaving you have ever done……..The key is over, under, over, under. The next braid is the opposite…..Under, over, under, over. Last braid is the same as the first over, under, over, under.

Now, with the ends of the 3 braids coming out the bottom of your horizontal braids, braid them together to finish the style.

WHEW! Jeebus. My brain hurts.

xoxo, HTHG




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