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Something Borrowed: Mayan Inspired Headwrap Technique

7U6A4116Today, I will share a trick that I learned from my friend Jules, who has traveled the world and learned many cool things from many different cultures. She recently came over to my house and demonstrated this great headdress, using a Free Your Hair Ceremonial Headwrap and a wrapping technique that she witnessed while spending time in Guatamala.

Traditionally, this technique would be done with a scarf like this one, called an Aquateca Headwrap.7U6A4004

‘The headdress is an important article of women’s clothing in many Highland Maya towns. One of the most beautiful is that worn by Aguatecas, who, although they have largely given up weaving their own huipiles and skirt material, still take great pride in making their headwraps. The Aguateca headwrap consists of a 2-3 inch wide cinta richly decorated with brocaded designs, and terminated at each end with large tassels. It is worn wrapped around and around the long hair, which is pulled across the forehead, with the full width of the cinta exposed across the top of the head, and the tassels dangling at each side.’

Description of the highland Maya cultural tradition of headdress, from the Traje

Today, I am excited to share with you this wonderful way to wear a long headwrap, like the Ceremonial Head Wrap featured in this tutorial, honoring a tradition from the Aguatecas peoples. This tutorial should be done on long hair, using a long scarf, wrap or ribbon (At least 4 feet long.)

Jules demonstrates:jules guatamala

Begin by finding the middle point of your scarf or ribbon. Lay it against the top of the head.

Now wrap the ends around your head, and tie them once in the back, underneath your hairline.

Take one long end, and gather your hair into a ponytail…..Begin wrapping the scarf around the base of the ponytail.

Continue wrapping down the length of the ponytail, tightly and evenly.

Once you reach the ends, grab the ends of the ponytail and the scarf tightly, and bring it up around the front of your head.

Tuck in any ends of hair that stick out, as you continue to wrap the end of the scarf around our head, wrapping the other end the other way around.

Continue wrapping both ends until they can’t wrap anymore, then tie the ends together and tuck them under the headdress.

Isn’t this trick so awesome??? I can’t wait until my hair is long enough to rock this.

xo, HTHG


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