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Blue Rose Braids, for Short Hair and Handmade Gifts from HTHG!

7U6A5831 (1)Hey babes! A few months back, I dyed some vintage handmade paper roses, using earth-based dye, as an experiment.

They turned out gorgeous, and I have been rocking them in my hair ever since!

I decided to feature them in the Free Your Hair Shop this holiday season, as a handmade gift option to inspire your friends and family to decorate adorn their heads, have fun with their hair, and honor themselves!

These baby blues can be bought in packages of 5 here, so get yours while they last:)

7U6A5737Here is a little tutorial featuring our little roses, to get you excited for sticking them into your own hair, stem first, and rocking them this winter.

Blue Rose Braids

blue rosesBegin by sectioning off a very wide strip down the center of the head. It can be a rough section, I think that this style looks best without clean partings.

Do a french braid down your center section.

Secure the end with a clear elastic, then tuck your little end up and under, behind your braid. Use a bobby pin to secure the braid end underneath.

Now, create a second french braid along one side, picking up all the hair that falls from your top braid. Braid it towards the back, and secure the end with a clear elastic. Tuck and pin this end out of the way like you did the first.

Now create a third braid on the other side, securing tucking and pinning the end under.

Add blue roses for garnish, sticking them directly into and under your braids by their stems to decorate your hairstyle.

7U6A3225Love how these braids+roses look with my little blue undercut? Color is courtesy of Tinge Pastels Turquoise Conditioner.

xo, HTHG

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