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Urban Foraging for Winter Hair: Solstice Braids, and a Small Ritual.

7U6A6388Welcoming the Winter Solstice calls for a special hairstyle adorned with winter plants. Today, as a part of our Urban Foraging for Winter Hairstyles series, we present Solstice Braids, adorned with black berries, pink daisies and ferns.

Before we begin the tutorial, here is a…

Small Solstice Ritual7U6A5331

Light a candle. Go outside. Ground yourself by standing on the earth, imagining roots growing from your feet into the ground and towards the earths molten center. Imagine white light and energy flowing from the core of the earth, up through your roots, your body, and out the top of your head.

Take a minute to cast a circle of protection around yourself, initiating your sacred space. Imagine a bubble that envelops the space around your body, where your energy and intention are sacred and contained.

Set an intention for the Winter. Mine is to be present and listen.

Call in the elements of each 4 directions, standing to face them as you welcome their offering. Face North to honor the Air we breath.  East to the Earth which sustains us, South to the Fire which warms and ignites, and West to the Water which soothes and carries us.

Take some breaths of air, as you feel the ground. Watch the flickering flame of your candle, and take a sip of water to encorporate the elements physically into your being.

NOW, do your hair;)

Solstice Braids

PicMonkey CollageFor this hairstyle, begin by sectioning off the top half of your head, and creating 3 braids, side by side. Secure the ends of each braid, and then spend a little time deconstructing them to add some bulk and texture.

Now, take your 2 outside braids, and criss-cross them over the center braid. Pin them into place from underneath, so that the pin is hiding!

Now, loose-ly braid your 3 braids together.

Secure them together with an elastic.

Now split the remaining hair into 3, the ends of your first braids in the center. Braid the braids into another braid. Secure the end.

Now, wind this braid into a nice tight bun at the base of your head. Make it off center if you want to. Tuck the ends underneath and out of site, and pin your bun securely into place.

Decorate your hairstyle with winter plants, and take some time today to welcome the winter and all it brings.

Thanks to My Enthios Ceremonial Arts for the photo and the Inspiration. Check them out to find out more about the earth-based services they offer.

xo, HTHG


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