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Urban Foraging Hairstyle Series, Round 2.

7U6A6526This Winter at HTHG will be filled with Urban Foraged Hairstyles, for both long and short hair…..The occasion? My hair is finally long enough to do more styling with, and my dear friend Corrina, HTHG guest writer and co-inspirer from last years Urban Foraging Feature, was visiting town from Hawaii and she is an absolute delight and plant witch/ muse who is always down to play with flowers and hair. I had the pleasure of getting a nice little studio visit with her on a sunny Friday afternoon.

And so, we re-visit last year’s Urban Foraging for Winter Hairstyles here on HTHG. This was a feature that combined the meditation of foraging for berries, flowers in plants in the landscape of the Pacific Northwest Urban Winter, with unique and inspired hairstyles.

Winter can be dismal, especially here. On first glance, everything outside appears to be dead and colorless, and our minds can really start to reflect that shadowy dismal-ness in the dark months.

There is something that is very healing to me about setting out on a walk through mist and dead leaves to find little bursts of color and texture in the plants around us, taking clippings and putting them in my basket, and then using these cheerful clippings to decorate the crown of a friend, or of myself. When your hair is adorned with loveliness, everything in life is better.

Without further ado, Here is our first tutorial from this years Urban Foraging for Winter Hairstyles Feature. Let’s call them the Sacred Yule Spirals.

These Spiraled Braids are decorated with branches from a little bush of red berries. Anyone know what this plant is called?

Sacred Yule Spirals


To begin with, make a part down the middle of your head.

Make a french braid on each side of your part.

Secure the ends of your braids with small elastics.

Criss-cross your braids at their base. Stick a pin in from underneath, attaching your braids together and securing them to your head.

Now starting on one side, take the end of your braid and wind it under and around into a flat spiral, holding it against your head. The end of the braid will be in the center of the spiral, tucked underneath it and hidden against your head. Pin this flat spiraled bun against your scalp with bobby pins, discreetly and from several directions to secure them properly. Check out this post for more specifics on pinning a bun:)

Now, repeat this same thing with the second braid, winding it in, around and under and then pinning it against the head. Now, you should have two french braids with two spiraled buns at the base of your head, winding towards each other.

Decorate your braids with berries, greenery, and flowers, to your big hearts content.

xoxox, HTHG and Corrina Yu

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    Short hair styles???? Do share! My hair is barely jaw-length, and I’m dyin for some stylin.

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