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Mushroom Love

I grew up in a foraging family. We fished, we picked berries, we hunted, we dug clams, and we foraged for mushrooms. Photo from @filthandbeauty

IMG_9247Of course, like many of you, I spent many years between the ages of 11-23 or so, trying to rid myself of all of my families strange habits, rituals and general impositions……Only to circle back around as a mother myself, and find a deep-seated true love and reverence for the art of foraging deep inside myself…..and a strong will to instill it in my children.

Since moving back to the Pacific Northwest, I have grown to really love and appreciate mushrooms. Partly because they are all around me all the time, but also because I sense a very important relationship between humans, the earth, and the force and magic of the mighty fungus.

In my quest to understand my own body and the PH scale,  I learned that fungus grows where things are out of balance, in places where acidification proliferates. In an effort to re-mediate their environment, fungus/mushrooms appear to function as both warnings and re-balancers, letting us know when we need to be weary of the shift in balance, and working to bring bio-vitality back to wherever they are by stimulating microbial and enzyme activity…..In the soil, or on the body. This function is hard-wired, and incredibly cool.

The purpose of mushrooms as bio-re mediators (All-Life-healers or Mycoremediators) has been proven time and time again, as mushrooms are frequently used to clean up man-made environmental hazards. This same concept can be applied just the same to the body, with the fungus working to remove toxins and prevent illness.

This shit is really cool. I really look forward to learning more about mushrooms in my lifetime, as I really sense a real importance and magic in Mycology, the study of Mushrooms.

IMG_9510Today, I am sharing this little hair offering of braids and mushrooms and a little picture I sketched of mushrooms, just to show my appreciation:)

For a tutorial on these braids, check out this post. Then, forage some mushrooms and flowers and pin them into your braids, making sure to thank each little mushroom with a smile every time you pick one.

If you are interested, check out Radical Mycology, a podcast from an incredibly inspiring conscious woman named Ayana Young who shares stories of Radical Earth Repair on her show Unlearn and Rewild. She has taught me so much:)

Check out this website for valuable information on wild mushroom Hallucinogenics, fungaltools used to expand consciousness in the mind. Take it from most documented indigenous tribes the world over……There is value in this sort of mind-altering experimentation……..But only when administered with great care and mindfulness, and lot’s of credible information.

Many believe that the Vikings were such fierce warriors because of their relationship with the Amanita Muscara. Photo from @filthandbeauty


Random fact about the Reishi, one of my favorite mushrooms:

Reishi Mushroom, which is also known as Ganoderma lucidum, is a mushroom which has been used in Chinese medicine to bolsters the body’s immune system, and has been proven to help prevent and fight cancer. It has also been used as as a hair growth treatment, made into a restorative tonic that helps slow down premature hair loss.

IMG_9249This Photo by @Jill_bliss just shows how lovely and magical mushrooms can be. An absolute delight!

I encourage us all to learn more about the magic of mushrooms!

xo, HTHG




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