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Hair Weaving

7U6A1704Basic weaving, as I understand, works with a warp and a weft, the weft being the cross-fibers which run horizontally, and the warp being the fibers which run vertically.

7U6A1712Hair weaving, a recent experiment, involved me setting the warp hairs first, and then alternating my weft over under over under, all the way across, and then under over under over with the next weft. It was not very easy, required a lot of coordination and counting, and set me into a state of suspended meditation as I worked, in the cold evening air of early January on my patient model, Birch.7U6A1742

I was going with the process, no real attachment to the final look. All I knew was that I wanted to weave her hair like a cedar basket, and then decorate it with my newly made Rosehip Garland and hair pins. Check out this weaving video, as well as the Rosehip Garland DIY.

Also, I invite you to the Free Your Hair shop to check out our organic line of small batch, made with love beauty products which are 30% off for the next week.

xo, HTHG

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  1. Hairstylo

    Hey great post! Very useful video as well. Is the discount still available at Free your hair shop this month?

  2. Drew

    I haven’t seen a style like this in a long time. I love it and I hope more people jump on this train.

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