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Hairy Eyeballs. Why?

Ever feel like your eyeballs are hairy? Maybe it sounds crazy, but if you are a hairstylist you might be able to relate to the itchy, dry, fuzzy feeling you get behind your eyes after a long day at work. Why does this happen? This story might answer that question.

7U6A9084Here is a gruesomely awesome story about hairy eyeballs from my favorite salon manager, Lisa Matson at VAIN Beautyworld.

Okay…so essentially, my eye had been crazy irritated and waterey for a week. I finally broke down and went to my opthamologist. He looked & looked and couldn’t really see anything obviously wrong. Then he said ” there is an eyelash growing kind of into your eye, maybe that is all it is”. And with that, he took some tweezers and went to pluck the hair out. What happened at that point is what I always outrageously equate to a magician pulling a series of silk scarves out of their hand. 

The hair started to come out and then went on and on. It was about two inches in length. What I always remember most is the look of disgust and confusion on the doctor’s face.

After the hair was out, he did tell me some health facts about stylists, the most icky & intriguing being that if a stylist donates their eyes after they die, there is always a ton of hair trimmings in the back of their eye socket. Sheesh. 

Anyway, that’s the whole odd experience. I never knew if the hair was embedded in my actual lid or wrapped around my eyeball. Either way, ick. 

I am collecting random stories from inside the salon. If you have a good one, please write it down and send it to

If you are a stylist, share this with your friends and see if they can relate…..and maybe they have a story to share!

xo, HTHG

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