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My Psychedelic Valentine, Hair Color Story and HTHG Colorprinting.

IMG_1528-1Hey babes.

It is officially the season of color returning to our lives, as we welcome Spring and re-birth and warmth. To help celebrate, a little pop in your hair color can be a fun way to blend in with the flowers better.

With Spring and Love as our inspiration today, here is a quick Psychedelic Valentines Day Hair color love story for you. To my great pride, Marley our almost 9 year old daughter has taken a liking of psychedelic music of the 60’s and 70’s, which began with a long car trip and White Rabbit by Jefferson Airplane. (RIP Paul Kantner)

She told me a while back that she would like me to attempt Psychedelic Sunset inspired hair, which we did last weekend. It was the most time that her and I had spent together one on one in months, and it felt great to just chit chat and giggle together while I painted her hair blue and she watched in the mirror with great excitement. IMG_1224

















I applied her blue color all over working in small sections, adding a block of melted color to the mid-strand of each section. This block was magenta fading into pink, then peach, then yellow and back into blue…..It created the sunset vibe.

With Valentine’s day coming, and also crazy hair day at school, we decided at the end to stencil in some hearts on a strip of her hair. Here is how I did it using the ColorPrinting Panel Art method to make a little love scene in her hair.….. (we used an extension for this one, but here is how I would have done it in her actual hair)IMG_1315

Begin by sectioning off a horizontal strip of hair about 1/4 of an inch deep. Situate the strip of hair just under one side of her part so it could be under her layers peeking through, or with a proper sidepart, laying on the surface of her hair.IMG_1211

Lay the hair on a piece of foil, and combed it flat against her head.IMG_1215

Cut out 2 matching hearts in Adhesive Backed Vinyl. Peel the stickers off and stuck them carefully over the hair. Press them securely to the foil. Then, carefully outline the hearts with pink Manic Panic and a tiny paintbrush.IMG_1216

Then, paint around the outline with 2 other custom mixed pink shades and a larger paintbrush.IMG_1217

Next, go around again with yellow.IMG_1218

And finally fill the rest in with her base color, a custom mixed Manic Panic blue. During this entire process, let the colors overlap a bit as you apply them to melt them together……hence the green:)

Rinse the hair with cool water without removing the stencils. Once water runs clear, peel of stencils and rinse once more.

That is how to stencil a Psychedelic Heart into someones hair. Keep an eye out for more stenciling and original hair color art coming soon to HTHG.

Happy Valentines day!

xo, HTHG

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