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Power Hair with ColorPrint Clip-ins

IMG_4361Hi babes!

I hope everyone’s Spring has been colorful and bright:) As many of you know, I have spent a lot of time painting swatches of hair with a technique I call ColorPrint, practicing up to teach future workshops on creating inspired color designs in the hair.IMG_4367

This practice has left me with a case full of beautiful clip-in hair extensions, each one with original hand painted art work on them. I decided, after much coaxing from friends and fellow artists and stylists, that I should sell these clip-ins in the Free Your Hair Shop to those of you who would love to have a beautiful sweep of color in your hair that you can put in yourself, and take out whenever you want. IMG_4388

These clip-ins are great for special occasions ( Perfect for festival hair😉 or daily wear. They require no real upkeep or special care, just keep them de-tangled, no washing needed. They were each made by me, in a state of creative bliss, and with massive intention for helping summon inner creativity so wear them thoughtfully:)IMG_4387

They can be cut to match your length, either by you or by your stylists or hairdresser friend. They can be curled to match any hair texture.

Here is how to clip them in……..

Begin by making a parting that runs parallel to your natural part, but falls about an inch and a half below your natural parting.

IMG_5131Use the little clips on the back of your extension to clip the hair just below the parting, snuggly to the head. (If your hair is very fine, do some light back-combing at your roots below your parting to give the clips something to grab onto.)IMG_5134

Now flip your hair over the extension, at your natural part. The top of the extension weft should be hidden under your hair, with the beautiful colors of the piece popping through in the ends of your hair.

Love the look, and want your own ColorPrint Clip-in? Click over to the Free Your Hair Shop and see the beautiful designs we have in stock.

Want a custom clip-in? I do custom work, painting hair inspired by your favorite photos, prints and color schemes. Email me at for inquiries.



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