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The Free Your Hair Brush!

Hi babes. This exciting launch is a long, long time coming!!!

IMG_2067Since I started blogging, and stripping down my hair routine and learning to care for my own hair and self better, and sharing the experience here, the one consistent tool that I have never strayed from has been a good hair brush.

Several years ago, I wrote this post about brushing your hair and my love affair with my Mason Pearson brush, which will never end. I believe that every hair type can benefit from the use of a great brush…..And I also believe that 150$ is a lot to spend on a hairbrush for most of us. Sorry, Mason Pearson.

IMG_1775Then, last year I shared a post with Refinery29 on the importance of brushing our hair, and why it is at the root of holistic hair health. Why shampoo when you can cleanse and balance your hair mechanically by brushing it, without stripping it? I am talking healthy scalp, rapid hair growth, shiny, happy strands from root to tip. All those things that our hair product container labels promise us, can be achieved by brushing.

IMG_3787A good daily or weekly hair brush session can be a sacred and wonderful part of our self-care routines. I do mine before I shower, because brushing my curls results in clown hair. So, I spend 5 minutes brush, brush, brushing from all angles, working the natural oils from my scalp through to my ends, and spreading that beautifully oil protection and detangling action through my entire head of hair. It feels magnificent. When I am done, I have very poofy hair, so I jump in the shower and give it a good rinse, reset the curls.

Brushing is an essential part of shampoo-free life, because we need that mechanical scrub to work the oils through and keep our hair in balance. I can’t say enough about it. I brush my daughters hair, I brush my husbands beard, we use our brushes constantly.

A good hair brush is a tool for life, which is why we are thrilled to be launching a beautiful, beech wood handled mixed bristle hair brush that feels as good in your hands as it does in your hair.

brushLadies and gentlemen, I present the Free Your Hair Brush, now available in the shop. This brush is smooth, effective, just burly enough for all hair types, and is consciously designed and created with all the sweet details……complete with a beautifully¬†engraved emblem, and pre-oiled to perfection. Care instructions provided.

Get yours today, and share this post around with your friends. Y’all deserve a good brush, and your hair will thank you forever for it. *Bonus* Our first 15 orders will receive a free Crown Chakra hair anointment oil with your brush!!!!!

DSC08869If you are a salon or boutique interested in wholesaling the Free Your Hair Brush, please email me at

Please help us spread the word grassroots style about the Free Your Hair Brush by sharing  and telling your friends. I SO appreciate it:)

Are you interested in Wholesaling the FYH brush? Please click here:)


Happy Brushing, Roxie Jane Hunt

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  1. Tasha

    How well would this work for very short hair (like a couple of inches long)?

  2. Martha PiersonhMarthaa Pierson

    I have and love this brush! I was lucky to have Roxie gift this to me in January…I have very curly hair and my hair loves the feeling of this brush,I do have to be cautious of the ends but once I have made it through them I am good to go for marathon brushing! The only thing I regret is that mine does not have her trademark etched on it, it is a beautiful work of art in itself! I am a true Roxie follower in Fayetteville Ar

  3. SharonElizabeth

    Interesting article. I might try this brush sometime. I currently use Mason Pearson’s boar bristle brushes from b-glowing.

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