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Love and Paying it Forward with the Free Your Hair Brush!

Hi dears! The Free Your Hair Brush launched a week ago, and I have been so excited to hear your reactions.

We have shipped these brushes all over the US, to men and women and children, and here is what some of your lucky new brush owners have to say:IMG_4428

Aubrie in Seattle says: “Shoutout to the only brush that can get the knots out of my hair when I don’t comb it for three days!”IMG_4464

Jenny in Seattle says: “My Free Your Hair Brush was the only thing I brought to take care of my hair for nine days in the Alaskan Back country!”IMG_4075

Claire in Half-Moon Bay says: “Seriously the best brush I’ve ever known, it’s insane”IMG_4454

Talina in Brooklyn says “First ever love affair with a hairbrush. My coarse curls have been begging for a weekly airbrushing session but I could never find a brush that was burley enough to stand up to my hair. I’ve met my match with the Free Your Hair Brush and  it feels so good!”

Martha Pierson in Fayetteville, AR says  “I have and love this brush!…I have very curly hair and my hair loves the feeling of this brush, I do have to be cautious of the ends but once I have made it through them I am good to go for marathon brushing!” 


Anna Diego, @radradmama posted from Hawaii via Instagram “In the truck, baby boy is asleep, parked in my drive- time for a hair brushing session with my new, actually good for your hair hairbrush by @howtohairgirl. Ahhhhh simply Ahhhhhhmazing! I wish I had this brush before I cut off all my hair…..The cherry on the top is the sensational oil that came in the package as a delicious surprise. So now I will have beautiful healthy hair that smells so good that strangers will be leaning in for a whiff”

Paying it Forward


Did you know that 10% of all our sales from the Free Your Hair Brush gets donated to the cause of active environmentalism, because healing and caring for ourselves and the earth are one and the same, and of utmost importance here at HTHG. This month, we donated to Unlearn and Rewild and the radical, beautiful truths spoken by Ayana Young on the topic of earth renewal.

More brush love to come as word spreads about the FYH Classic Hairbrush, a tool for styling and self care. Help us get the word out by sharing the post, treating yourself to a lovely hairbrush, and posting your photos and comments using the hashtag #freeyourhairbrush.

xo, HTHG



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