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Mara Hoffman, Shibori Hair, Wooden Haircombs and More Musings

Hello my dears!

I am sitting at my computer, finishing the jet-fuel dregs of a delicious cold brew, mixed with rice milk and maple syrup, and a couple shakes of my favorite SunPotion high-vibe remedies, ashwaganda and Macuna. The sun is shining, I just finished up a haircut on a favorite client, who got a beautiful textured shag, before that, another client got a topiaric trim on his epicly thick long beard. A very high-vibe beard, I might add.IMG_5242

This week brought me an opportunity to give my sister a very fun and dramatic hair transformation. She turned 35, so it seemed like the perfect time for a big change. Here is a sneak peek along the process of her major cut/color…..more to come:)IMG_5054IMG_5116

I fell in love with some beautiful wooden hair combs this week, some that my mom collected in Tanzania in the 70’s,IMG_4997

and some from a women maker that I discovered on Instagram. ( Combs below by Samantha Nicole Ross.)IMG_5001

I read a great interview with one of my favorite designers about creating, family, faith, and fashion. Thanks for the Inspiration, Mara HoffmanScreen Shot 2016-04-20 at 1.57.46 PM

The slow days of sunshine had me flashing back to last tears Turban Braid Tutorial.IMG_4990

And also that time when Liz Suman and I floated in the swimming pool with dresses on, just for fun.IMG_5003

Loving this hair by a very enthusiastic Guy Tang.IMG_4994

IMG_5129And I love this hair by Tanya Ramirez at Untamed Instinct even more. This babe is so creative in her  color techniques. I highly recommend watching the Youtube video for this Shibori Hair technique just to open your mind to the endless possibilities for creative color.IMG_5193

Down the street from our house is a beautiful dandelion patch. Just saying.IMG_5202

5 year old Selah and I painted, oiled and softened the bristles of a brand new batch of Free Your Hair brushes this week. Felt so good:)

IMG_5042And the topping on all the cake was picking up our newly nine year old daughter, Marley after her first solo trip to visit her dad and family in Arkansas. She was so big and brave and excited. She made up the word ‘Skrilled’ to describe the scared/thrilled feeling she faced before boarding that airplane an independent kid woman. So proud.IMG_5152

And then, visiting the beautiful home Salon of a beautiful human named Braedon, where we chatted about healing, hair and gender as I built him a beautiful beehive. More fun to come on that:)

And in closing, Jonny is in the back yard building a sail boat for us to take to the lake down the hill this summer. Feeling it.

It is funny, I spend very little time talking about myself in my life, and a lot of time listening to other people talk about theirs. I hope you all don’t mind that I sometimes just tell you about what I am up to. Thanks so much for being here and listening.

xo, HTHG





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  1. Tanya

    Love your blog. Always such an inspiration. And thank you for sharing my work! Blessings to you, darling! ✨

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