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Tropical Birds ColorPrint Hairadise

Hi Babes!

While I was in Arkansas last month, I got together with Melissa, my business partner from Mayapple Salon to collaborate on a photo shoot for old times sake. ( We have styled many photo shoots together and it is always such a great time. )

Melissa is creative director of Art Amiss Fashion a local arts organization, and writes the style column for the Fayetteville Weekly, which photos from this shoot will be used for.

I wanted to give you all a look at some of my favorite shots, some of which will pop up in the near future in HTHG tutorials:) The theme of the shoot was Tropical, so I prepared ColorPrint hand painted hair wefts in juicy tropical inspired colors and fern like textures.7U6A6736 7U6A7045 7U6A6738 7U6A6460 7U6A6921 7U6A6828 7U6A6589

These shots feature Melissa Arens, Kelly Wake and Penelope Obersky as models/ Hairstyling and ColorPrint by yours truly, Styling by Melissa Arens and jewelry by Keely Wake of Flora and Fauuna

Check out Mayapple Boutique here!

Enjoy! xo, HTHG


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