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HTHG Summer Hair do: The Flower Part

Hello Hello! What better way to celebrate the Summer and cool hair than with little sweet flowers along your part-line.

Why? Because. Because not all of us can do the glitter thing in real life. (my partner gets rage-y when glitter is around.) And because sometimes a part-line seems to beg for decoration.

And because floral beards and bushes have been done, braided beards and rainbow pits have been done, so the Flower Part seems like an obvious yes.

Flower Parts anyone? I’m sure feeling it. Wear yours to your next Summer Party.

How to do a Flower Part

How to do it? pick some tiny flowers, being careful not to pull their petals off. Use a small dab of sticky hair paste in little bits along your part, stick flowers to them! Done! Thank goodness. It’s really too easy, I can’t believe we haven’t been doing this forever.





Pair your Flower Part with a really strange and cool hairstyle. Get creative, get weird.

xo, HTHG

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