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Texture Tricks From Up My Sleeve

IMG_7140Hello hair babes!

I wanted to take a few minutes to share the tricks I used to achieve the great Daryl Hannah-the-mermaid-in-Splash like texture on Keely’s hair at our Mayapple Salon Collaboration from a few months back.

Screen Shot 2016-06-23 at 10.38.00 AMThis is a trick I love to use on fine haired peeps who need a little pouf and texture without it being the more obvious CRIMPED look.

It is truly as simple as making some nice tight braids in different sizes all over the head, for this one I did a total of 7 braids……one braid in the nape section, 4 braids in sections cross the mid/widest part of her head, and the top split into 2 more braids.

I braided tightly all the way to the ends, and then left the braids un-secured so they softly unraveled just a bit. IMG_7115

Then,  I flat ironed each braid, clamping the iron at the base of each braid, and slowly sliding all the way to the ends.

I let the braids cool before taking them out, and spraying them very lightly with hairspray:)



The next little trick was as simple as this: Side ponytial, fishtail braid, wrapped into a bun and pinned, and then pulled apart a bit to form the flower-like side-bun. Check it!

Hope you can make some use of these little tricks. Just remember when it comes to hair, almost anything is possible.

xo, HTHG




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