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7U6A0279How-To Hair Girl is a community for hair musings, styling, craft and culture, and I am here to help you explore the realms of personal expression through DIY styling, and healing through the sacred art of haircare.

My name is Roxie Jane Hunt. I am a creative director, hairstylist, kitchen beauty alchemist, artist, writer, and a mother of 3…. I  created HTHG to help you forge a beautiful understanding and an expressive relationship with your hair.

My mission is to inform, inspire, connect, and help you craft DIY styling+care rituals that allow you to love your hair and experiment with you identity in fun and positive ways.

I invite you to browse the pages of HTHG and learn about holistic hair care, read thoughts and stories on beauty culture and styling, witness hair transformations, find expert tips and tricks from independent hair stylists and artists who are leaders in creativity and innovation of the haircare industry, and get inspired by the craft of hair.

Shop the Free Your Hair shop for your handmade earth-based hair care products and tools, and check out our list of services to see how we can work together to create you your dream hairstyle/cut/color, partnership/collaboration, or educational class to suit the needs of your hair, your business, or your lifestyle.

Thanks for being here!


How-to Hair Girl is your guide to bringing your hair-care back into your own hands, and into alignment with your values as creative, conscious people and consumers. We aim to empower you with the knowledge you seek to identify and treat the needs of your own unique hair type so that you can keep your hair in optimal health and style, while spending less money and time.

At HTHG, we call on fool-proof DIY hair styling and care tips and tricks to keep our hair in optimum shape and style. These tricks have been curated by conscious professional hairstylists within the worldwide styling industry.

We call upon our own creativity and sense of adventure to inspire us to experiment with our hair as a form of self-expression and a means for beautiful adornment.

We call on the tried and true power of simple, easy to find ingredients which are earth and plant based for the products in our shop and within our DIY recipes. We want to ensure that you are not introducing potentially harmful chemicals to your living, breathing scalp, while helping you to understand how we are surrounded by healing and styling power for our own self-care every time we step outside.

We call on the hair wisdom of ancient cultures and knowledge from generations before us, from the pharaohs to indigenous people in ceremony, to old southern ladies setting each others pin-culs on porches to the chorus or singing cicadas.

We honor you for being here as a seeker of knowledge, beauty, and a more authentic life. We ask you to gently let go of the hair and beauty belief systems that you have been raised with… are entering the pages of a Hair Liberation Movement…… It is time to unlearn, empower, and elevate your DIY hair care. #freeyourhair

Thank you so much for being here, please share HTHG with your friends if you find our mission inspiring. Help us build this vibrant community!

xo, Roxie Jane Hunt



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