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Snake Brush


Snake Brush Intention: The Snake Brush is about transformation, rebirth and shedding skin. Stepping out of the old and into the new. Bringing death to all that doesn’t serve. Ancestor work, maternal lineage healing. Letting go.

Snake Brush mantra: I let go of all old patterns that do not serve my highest good, and brush in the birth of a new way forward, working to heal the lineage of my past and future. I am transforming, and all I touch is transformed. 


The FREE YOUR HAIR Brush was designed with the intention of bringing Personal Alignment, Joy, Self-Care, Abundance and Connection into your daily life, one brush stroke at a time.

Classically mixed all-vegan bristles are made with nylon on a rubber cushion bed and sustainably harvested beech-wood handle. Designed for all hair types, including coarse curls and kinks! The FREE YOUR HAIR Brush is burly enough for everyone. Each brush is a unique and slightly different woodgrain, no 2 are exactly alike.

Uniquely engraved with a limited edition design by Sarah-Ann Caldwell, your brush will arrive pre-oiled and conditioned with almond oil and Egyptian rose. A Self care and Hair styling tool fit for your life.

Softened, irregular bristles move oils through to your ends, bringing health and balance to all parts of your hair and scalp.

Comes with complete care instructions and directions for effective brushing and ritual crafting. Feels as good in your hand as it does in your hair! Less wash, More Brush. #freeyourhairbrush


*The bristles on our brushes start stiff and soften up beautifully over time, so use gently at first on very sensitive scalps.


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  1. Kalbert

    So, in our avidly consumerist society, we’re often sold products with the dream that they’ll do something amazing and measurably improve our quality of life and potentially even our inner selves. Usually that’s all bunk. This brush is actually fantastic though. I can’t make my asthma or my tendency to get ulcers go away. I can’t wish off my allergies or inconvenient female treasure trail. Mostly, I can’t control or perfect my body . . . but I can have really great hair. I invested in high quality hair care products, and the right ones for my scalp and hair type. I sleep with my hair in a braid on a silky pillowcase. I don’t wash my hair too much or not enough. It may sound like I do a lot, but I’m a low maintenance person actually who invests in a great “undone” haircut and mostly just washes and goes in terms of hair styling. If I don’t make sure my hair is super healthy, it will look terrible because I don’t style it. My hair is my one vanity despite me being a low maintenance person. Enter this brush. It’s like the mason pearson brush but made in the USA by a woman small business owner and much cheaper, and it has actively made my hair better.

    I have a ton of very fine strawberry-blonde hair with a very oily scalp but the hair that gets dry very quickly at the ends if I grow it below shoulder length. This brush manages to work on every strand of my very fine hair (yay boar bristle), while dealing with the fact that there is a lot of it (yay nylon bristle). Even just using it 1-2x a day for two weeks, already I have visually seen it pull oil from my scalp to my ends in a way no other brush ever has. My ends need less argan oil to not look frizzy and I went 2.5 days longer than I usually need to before I had to wash my scalp. My hair is softer and I feel like I’m seeing split ends at a slower rate. The brush just works, plus it’s super ethically sourced. I do a quick brushing on mornings I don’t wash my hair, to smooth out waves from my sleep-braid, and I do a longer, thorough, deliberate “move oil from scalp to ends” brushing in the evenings. I didn’t actually try to establish a personal self-care ritual in the way Roxie advocates, but nevertheless, it ended up being a small moment of affirmation of the things I can control and the things I can’t – super timely during this pandemic. The ritual created itself and improved my life.

    The snake pattern is super cool too.

    Buy the brush. You won’t regret it.

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