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What it is.

The Blood Spiral is a four-month journey of learning to track, map, and live by the unique truth of our body’s miraculous menstrual cycle. It is a framework for understanding and accepting yourself as an ever changing and flowering dynamic being, and a process for knowing and communicating our needs, clarifying priorities, strategizing your calendar, and empowering relationships and communities through blood wisdom.

The Blood Spiral honors that as womb-holding people, we are far more than our ability to procreate. We have incredible powers and wisdom in our blood that go way beyond reproduction. We are the earth herself, creating and giving death through our own creative impulse and earthbound momentum, mirroring and aligning with nature in all her complexity and magic and impulse towards seeking balance. In this journey we find that every day of the month holds unique power for us, and we learn to approach and wield these powers skillfully.

The Blood Spiral guides us towards embodying the Matriarch, and being the ever-flowing Spring that can nourish entire families, communities, landscapes….Bringing life-giving water to parched places within ourselves and out into the world around us.

What it isn’t: 

The Blood Spiral is not a menstrual tracking app. It is not a fertility journal. It is not about reproductive education or hormonal mapping. (In fact, we barely even talk about hormones in the course.) 

It is about what is true for you every day – how you feel, how you experience your truth, and use it to create a life that fits way better.

It is not one size fits all. It is not one set of rules to live by. It does not require us to fit ourselves into any constrictive shape that isn’t true to who we are. 

The Blood Spiral honors that we are all unique, with different needs, styles, values, backgrounds, and desires for how to live. It is a very personalized journey to discover our own patterns and truths, and to define what we want and need to be nourished, and engaged in our lives. (To be captured on our custom Spiral Maps.) And through this process of understanding our individual selves better, we can see how we fit with others, where we align and how we can relate with more intimacy, understanding and show up in our truth.


Ways of engaging:

There are three ways of engaging and learning to live your best Blood Spiral life! 

  1. The Blood Spiral Initiation: Video Series

This is the most in-depth and complete way to go through the entire process, with our fully guided pre-recorded 4-part self-paced video series with framework, practice, ritual and mentoring support. This is a journey, a commitment and an initiation into full Blood Spiral Living.

This includes 4 two-hour videos, and is a 4-month commitment. Includes handouts, tools, motivational graphics. Self-paced, start whenever you want, flexible but very contained.

YES i’m in. 

2 – Blood Spiral Living: Self-paced E-book/ PDFs

The second way is also self-paced, and it is with our instructional Blood Spiral E-book with printable PDF’s. This can be done alone over 4 months, or in a book-group that you create with others who desire to participate and go through the process with you. Take it in your own way, make it work for you. Do it with friends.

YES I’m in. 

3 – Blood Spiral Mystery School Live, Round 2 – Join the Waitlist!

Sign up for the 2nd ever Blood Mystery School Session, where 20 of you will have the opportunity to go through the process live on zoom with me, starting Fall 2024. To get your name on the Waitlist – sign up for my email list/newsletter.

In the Blood Spiral, you will learn:

How it helps to think of monthly cycle in four seasons – and how to work with the energy of each.

How to work with Cave and Bloom, the 2 distinct halves of the month – and to lean into, and flow, with the outward expansive momentum, and inward contractive momentum.

How to use the transition times between each season to prepare for the next one.

How to find your Power Days, and use them wisely.

How to call in specific archetypes/symbols/alter egos and characters to support you throughout your cycle.

How to use the Chakra system to get to know yourself as a multi-dimensional being.

How to begin to notice yourself and track multiple aspects of yourself daily to collect data, and then detect patterns as they begin to emerge.

How to tune into and develop your intuition and clarify your YES-s and NO-s. 

How to notice your desires and speak your needs.

How to chart your data and harvest your patterns and truths. 

How to create an incredible MAP of yourself using the data you collect from 3 months of tracking your own patterns…..And learn to live by so you can free up brain space and follow YOUR  truth and build your life around it.

How to use your MAP as your Calendar Oracle to plan life effectively to fit your needs  beautifully.

How to use time travel in your Self-Care practices to stay resourced and resilient and in your power.

How to merge Father (linear) Time and Mother (spiral/cyclical) Time inside yourself and live by both so that you don’t burn out.

How to Spiral Train your loved ones.

How to appoint a Spiral Protector and empower partnership through it.

How to Bleed Out Loud, and why it matters.


Blood Spiral Mystery School is for you if you…..

Take care of other people’s needs constantly and feel yourself getting a little lost when it comes to knowing your own needs. And/or you know you have them, and you wish to clarify what they are so that you can get them met.

Have days every month that feel so good and powerful and right and easy, and you wish to learn how to best use them at will.

Have days that feel like conflict is inevitable, and you wish to move through these times with more ease, harnessing high-conflict moments to transform relationships.

Long to feel safe to speak your truth when it is caught in your throat, and wish to have more tools to communicate it clearly.

Feel a constant scarcity of time and would love to feel that time is abundant.

Want to find your own monthly Power Days, and learn to use them wisely.

Strongly desire to feel like you can flow with the world around you instead of against it. And you’re beyond ready to stop contorting yourself to fit things that aren’t a good fit.

Wish to understand the unique power of every day and season of your cycle, way beyond just bleeding and ovulation.

Wish to relate to the world in ways that remind you constantly that every part of you belongs.

Desire guidance in understanding and working with your own cycle, by exploring the 4 phases and the unique qualities of Cave and Bloom, as well as the solstice and equinox / transition days of your cycle.

Are in chapter of your life of reclaiming your body and your sovereignty.

Are returning to your cycle post-partum or post hormonal birth control methods, and want to reestablish an incredible, deep and self-honoring relationship with your blood. 

Are ready to get really clear on your YES-s and NO-s.

Are ready to explore and understand your own patterns better, and learn to use them at will to empower your  life.

Long to connect yourself to the earth, as the earth.

Are excited to understand and embrace the complexity, paradoxical and ever-changing nature of who you are.

Wish to bring more ritual into your life.

Long to bring more balance to the world through your body, bringing back the Matriarch to meet the Patriarchy and bring union and integration instead of conflict and dissolution.

Desire to participate in a scalable fractal of planetary repair.

Want to have a deeper understanding and relationship to supportive personal guides, symbols and archetypes that come to aid you throughout your cycle.

Want to empower non-bleeding people in your life to step up to honor and protect you in real and deeply generative ways.

Want to make a beautiful Spiral Map of yourself to be your daily guide and oracle.


Tuning into my truth. Giving myself permission to feel all the things without judgment. Discovering my patterns. And then combining all of this into a magical map to follow – changed everything. Now, my life and the lives of those around me flow with more ease.

– Rosemary, Business Coach and Ritual Facilitator

Portland Oregon, age 36

An Unearthing of my innate knowing—that has validated all aspects of my emotional and physical reactions to people, places, and things. An initiation into moving in rhythm with the world inside and around me.

 -Brette Howard, Doula
San Francisco, age 39

I was invited into deeper intimacy with myself, and through that, deeper intimacy with those around me. I got to explore and discover the subtleties within my body ecosystem and how to harness it for my own power, evolution and growth.

Tara Morrison, Pelvic Health Coach
Seattle, WA age 40

The Blood Spiral Journey took me deeper into tracking, mapping, and then both understanding and working with my flow. It has given myself and now my family a way to live around the seasons of a bleeding woman. This journey continues to reveal subtle layers that have shown a way home to my true self.

Amanda Hall, Real Estate agent

Fayetteville AR, age 44

The Blood Spiral Initiation is a radical reclaiming of energy and time. Now I work with the natural momentum of my own energy and capacity through the seasons of my cycle. Plan life to fit around my ever-flowing truth, maximize my own untapped super powers. I ask for what I want and need, communicate truth, and rest into slowness in the right moments.

This course will shift the way you live forever.

RJH, Creator, Hairstylist

Seattle, WA, age 39

My Spiral Journey has helped me become more aware of the patterns that exist within the matrix of my body. It has helped me more deeply observe, and attune to, my own needs and desires and natural cycle of being. It has provided a sense of accountability and confidence in my own self-care and self-awareness. It has inspired me to be more transparent in communicating where I am at, what I have space for, and what I need.

Briana, age 31

Breathwork guide and Oracle, Boulder CO

My Blood Spiral Journey led me to deeper layers of myself than I ever knew possible. I learned how to connect, listen, track, and protect my body’s needs in a whole new way.

Becca, age 35
Therapist/ Yoga Teacher, Fayetteville AR

The Blood Spiral has opened a doorway into my relationship with my cycle in a profound way. After tracking every day for a few months, I now have a map with which to navigate my natural ebbs and flows, which offers me such grace in recognizing my needs, communicating them to my family, and supporting myself in the best way possible.

Through doing this work, I’ve also noticed increased self-acceptance, a reignited devotion to my daily writing practice, a greater sense of ease with wherever I am at emotionally and a feeling of being more connected with women who also spiral each month.

Melissa, age 41
Creative Guide and Artist, Bellingham, WA