The Blood Spiral Living : Self-Paced Course


With this E-Book and Blood Spiral Self-Paced Guidess, you will be learn how to track yourself daily to create a Spiral Map which represent the truth of who you are based on the wisdom of your blood cycle. Your E-book will guide you to engage with + live by this map as your daily oracle for a life of far more ease, flow and natural momentum personally, and relationally. 

You will do this by learning to tune in to what’s alive in you on multiple levels of yourself, and noticing then journaling what you notice- We call this part gathering data, though collecting truth feels more accurate. Along the way, you will learn many ways of tuning into and turning on your monthly super powers. 

 This process of tracking takes 4 months. You will make your map based on the truth patterns you have collected. Throughout this process, you will be prompted to notice, be challenged, push your edges, and engage in light, easy homework. 

*All tracking sheets, charts and map PDF’s Included in class material.

The Pace:

You will start exactly where you are, when you feel ready to begin and commit to a 4 month process. This option is great for a group of people who want to do the journey in a group together- Get a few of your friends to do this with you, and move at a pace through it that works for you. 

*Please be sure each person pays separately for their book and PDF’s so that I can be compensated for my diligent hard work on this multi-year project. 

You will receive:

 -The Blood Spiral E-Book which will introduce you to and guide you through several months of tracking, charting and mapping yourself, living your Spiral, planning your life, and Bleeding Outloud. 

-The Blood Spiral Self-Paced Guide, which provides process and structure for your journey with the E-book.

– Group recommendation for running your own Blood Spiral Group.

-All printable materials to Track, Frame, Chart and Map yourself. 

-All our slides from class, which include countless gems of Spiral wisdom, homework, prompts, and tips and tricks to support your Spiral Journey. 

– Session Incantations to bring some ritual to your journey.



“Tuning into the truth- giving myself permission to feel all the things without judgement, and discovering my patterns and a magical map that if I follow it, makes my life and the lives of those around me flow with more ease. “

– Rosemary, business coach and ritual facilitator

 Portland Oregon age 36

Blood Spiral Initiation is for you if you…..

  • Take care of other people’s needs constantly and feel yourself getting a little lost when it comes to knowing your own needs. And/or you know you have them, and you wish to clarify what they are so that you can get them met.
  • Have days every month that feel so good and powerful and right and easy, and you wish to learn how to best use them at will.
  • Have days that feel like conflict is inevitable, and you wish to move through these times with more ease, harnessing high-conflict moments to transform relationships.
  • Feel a constant scarcity of time and would love to feel that time is abundant.
  • Want to find your own monthly Power Days, and learn to use them wisely.
  • Strongly desire to feel like you can flow with the world around you instead of against it. And you’re beyond ready to stop contorting yourself to fit things that aren’t a good fit.
  • Wish to understand the unique power of every day and season of your cycle, way beyond just bleeding and ovulation.
  • Wish to relate to the world in ways that remind you constantly that every part of you belongs and you are perfectly designed to be ever-changing .
  • Desire guidance in understanding and working with your own cycle, by exploring the 4 phases and the unique qualities of Cave and Bloom, as well as the solstice and equinox / transition days of your cycle.
  • Are in chapter of your life of reclaiming your body and your sovereignty.
  • Are returning to your cycle post-partum or post hormonal birth control methods, and want to reestablish an incredible, deep and self-honoring relationship with your blood. 
  • Are ready to get really clear on your YES-s and NO-s.
  • Ready to explore and understand your own patterns better, and learn to use them at will to empower your  life.
  • Long to connect yourself back to the earth, and remember that you are the earth.
  • Are excited to understand and embrace the complexity, paradoxical and ever-changing nature of who you are.
  • Wish to bring more ritual into your life.
  • Long to bring more balance to the world through your body, bringing back the Matriarch to meet the Patriarchy and bring union and integration instead of conflict and dissolution.
  • Desire to participate in a scalable fractal of planetary repair.
  • Want to have a deeper understanding and relationship to supportive personal guides, symbols and archetypes that come to aid you throughout your cycle.
  • Want to empower non-bleeding people in your life to step up to honor and protect you in real and deeply generative ways.
  • Want to make a beautiful Spiral Map of yourself to be your daily guide and oracle.

“The Blood Spiral Initiation is a radical reclaiming of energy and time- learning to work with the natural momentum of my own energy and capacity through the seasons of my cycle- Planning life to fit around my everflowing truth, maximizing my own untapped super powers, asking for what I want and need, communicating truth, and resting into slowness in the right moments. This course will shift the way you live forever.”