Roxie Hunt Blog Author

Free Your Hair

Hi, my name is Roxie Jane Hunt, and I am here to help you inspire a more holistic, empowered, and creative relationship with your hair through experimentation, ritual, self-care and adornment.

Here in this online space, I share my knowledge as a professional hairstylist, naturalist, DIY enthusiast, and my interpretation of  art/beauty/culture through hair experimentation.

Within these categories, you will find

  • a plethora of DIY hairstyling tricks
  • cutting and coloring techniques
  • natural hair remedies and recipes
  • general inspiration
  • a line of handcrafted natural hair care products to help support you and your hair.
  • find balance and beauty without the typical Shampoo system.

Please enjoy your look around within the pages, I hope to help inspire your hair journey!