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What is your intention? 


** Please note that there is a $75.00 deposit due at the time you make an appointment that is applied to the final cost of the service. Thank you.


Are you ready to initiate a new chapter in your life that reaches far beyond your Hair? 

Come in for a beautiful Haircut with a ritual of intention setting and personal release. Leave with Hair that suits your texture, vibe and lifestyle that moves freely, just like you!

Through conversation we will craft the perfect Hair cut for your new life. I will listen for the details to ensure you leave with a cut that suits your new direction. I specialize in face framing and creating cuts that will grow beautifully over time.


I celebrate all textures of Hair and have experience with cutting dry and wet, with shears and razor. I am here for the big cuts that mean something to you. I will hold that space so that you create your own momentum for personal transformation once you leave my chair.

Existing Client Trim

Get your bangs and face framing refreshed and a little dusting off the ends to keep your haircut fresh. This 1/2 hour service will get your haircut into shape in between Ritual Cuts. 

*Must be within 4 months of previous FREE YOUR HAIR cut, and limited to 1 trim only per client in between haircuts.

Curl Transformation

This FREE YOUR HAIR Ritual cut also includes a full brush out, detangle, wash and curl hydration treatment, and curl reset. All are done using custom formulated products I create with raw and organic ingredients for your unique curl-type and scent preference.

Perfect for a once-a-year curl revival to get your crown back into it’s natural luxurious condition.

Ritual Color

Guided by your vision and my intuition, we will create inspired and powerful art with Hair and color. 

I work with the primary color pigments to create custom shades and concepts, which compliment and brighten your crown and life.

My ritual with color includes mixing your intention into my color bowls, so that your experience in my chair is in service to your personal transformation.

This experience is meant to be meaningful and potent, so feel free to bring special items or photos of colors, shapes and designs that inspire you. 

To book Ritual Color, please fill out the contact form with a bit of information about your hair and vision. Please include some photos. I will tune in and get back in touch.

Haircut: Add-on for Color Services

For color clients only

Prismatic Color Transformation

This service combines balayage with intentionally placed hand painted rainbows throughout the layers of Hair, creating a light-hearted and joyful feeling that infuses the crown with brilliant light and saturated pops of color.

The rainbow color will gently fade out, leaving your Hair with a fresh and pretty soft balayage. 

Prismatic Color Transformation is designed for those who are coming out of dark, heavy times and are ready to step back into the light.

This is a great service for someone who loves rainbow Hair but wants to keep it soft and tasteful. It is also gorgeous for curls!

Prismatic Touch Up – for Prismatic Color Transformation clients

Refresh your rainbows! (Just the rainbows, not the baylayage)

Lower Income Sliding Scale Haircut

Are you feeling aligned with FREE YOUR HAIR mission but can truly not afford the base price? 

If the base price feels impossible for you right now but your life is calling for a Ritual Cut to initiate your next chapter, I invite you to sit in my chair and pay the sliding scale rate.

Please note: this option is for those who truly cannot afford the Ritual Cut. If it just feels like a stretch right now, know that it is an experience worth saving up for.

Special Events Hair Design

Contact me if you wish to discuss options for special event styling/braiding and floral hair design.

Please fill out contact form, letting me know what you are wanting to do and include photos. I will get in touch.

Hair Color with Carissa Thummel

Carissa Thummel is here to lift your spirits through the power of hair color! With 16 years experience behind the chair she has developed an intuitive method to find just the right tone for you. 

As a redhead, she thrives working with coppers and warm golden tones but also enjoy vivid creative color, hair painting and blonding of all kinds including color correction.

Carissa sees inspiration everywhere but mostly in the earth and elements around us. She enjoys many creative outlets and has a background in dance and painting. She is currently enjoying studying medicinal plants and soap making. She is here with open ears and open mind to help you express your Self through color!


I am here to teach all that I know. What do you want to learn? I do classes, one-on-one, workshops, retreats.

I look forward to hearing from you!

     $ varies, please inquire

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