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HTHG’s DIY hair friday presents…Braided flower basket!


This pretty DIY hairstyle is for medium to long hair. It can be done on any hair type. If you are a curly girl and you try this, please send in a photo because I haven’t tried it on curls, but I think it would be gorgeous!

For this pretty braided look, you will begin by making 2 little french braids over the ear and down the side. Secure with tiny rubber bands. Now join the ends together and pin to the back of the head.

Now, make another small braid on each side, just to the inside of your first 2. Secure and join ends, pin together. Now braid the remaining hair into 3 seperate braids and secure ends.

Take the 2 outer braids, join ends, and pin together. Now pull the remaining braid up and pin the end with the rest.

Gather as many flowers as you want, and strategically pin them in to cover all the braid ends. Pull some wisps out to soften around your face.

Now take your braided flower basket out with you, and make a colorful and beautiful statement wherever you go. I suggest you go to the farmers market and keep adding flowers too it.

See ya next friday for DIY hair fridays!


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