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Free Your Hair, Free Your Life.

I’m Roxie Jane Hunt, and I’m here to help you transform your life starting with your Hair. I understand that your Hair is a powerful fiber that aids you in expressing yourself and allows you to tell the story of who you are.

 My Haircuts, color services, and Hair care tools are delivered with reverence, ritual and intention. I believe that your Hair should be treated with utmost thoughtful care, because how you feel about your Hair is how you feel about your life……. and I am here to help you Free your Life.

Whether you are here to purchase a FREE YOUR HAIR Brush, book a Ritual Haircut to initiate a new chapter in your life, or get DIY inspiration for your Hairstyling and care needs, please know that it is my honor to offer you Love through the Art and Craft of Hair.






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“‘Attending a workshop with RJH was a transformative creative experience that re-engaged me in my work behind the chair and helped me remember why I love doing hair. I would highly recommend any class she teaches to anyone who seeks to deepen and inspire their workflow and personal creative life.”

-Valerie, Vancouver BC

“Creative color and Intuitive technique class brought my salon team together in such a cool way. We now work collaboratively and it has boosted our business so much and we are having lots of fun together!”

-Jillian, Portland, OR

“My FYH brush is literally my favorite thing. I bring it everywhere and use it constantly. I was told growing up that I wasn’t supposed to brush my hair because of my curls, and I am SO glad to have given myself permission to brush my hair. My scalp has never been happier and my hair is growing so fast after years of sluggish growth.”

-Tanya, Georgia.

“”Roxie’s transformative hair cut was exactly what I needed to get some momentum going towards some major life changes that had been holding me back. Also, the cut grew out beautifully, as promised. 

My haircut and balayage were just what I needed to help me love my curls again, and RJH was so helpful in leading me towards a hair care ritual that worked for my life and allowed me to understand my own hair in a way I never had before. Her approach was so organic and self-honoring and I am so glad I found her.”

-D’ana, Seattle,WA

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