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Free Your Hair, Free Your Blood, Free Your Life.

Welcome to the Portal. My name is Roxie Jane Hunt and I am here to support life transformation. I am the proprietress of the Free Your Hair Salon and Transformation Temple in Seattle, WA.
I am a mother of 3 children and a published author of UnStuck, a book about self-worth and navigating change.
I have worked as a hairstylist and priestess in the realms of adornment for 25 years, with a focus on rites of Initiation and identity emergence. It is my belief that hair and Blood are potent doorways to our deeper self and personal truth. It is through these Spirals of DNA expression that I invite you into the realms of evolution.
Through this website portal, I offer you a trove of inspiration for hairbrushing rituals, DIY haircare, haircutting and styling services, Free Your Hair Education, Blood Spiral Training, and one-on-one Priestess and Ritual session work.
Thank you for your curiosity, I’m so glad you found me.

“The Blood Spiral Mystery School was an absolutely life shifting reclaiming of my energy, time and truth. I wish I would have found it earlier, and so glad to have learned the wisdom now- I will live differently, for the better, forever. “

-Cameron, age 44 NYC


“Attending a workshop with RJH was a transformative creative experience that re-engaged me in my work behind the chair and helped me remember why I love doing hair. I would highly recommend any class she teaches to anyone who seeks to deepen and inspire their workflow and personal creative life.”

-Valerie, Vancouver BC

“FREE YOUR HAIR Creative color and Intuitive technique class brought my salon team together in such a cool way. We now work collaboratively and it has boosted our business so much and we are having lots of fun together again!”

-Jillian, Portland, OR

“My FYH brush is literally my favorite thing. I bring it everywhere and use it constantly. I was told growing up that I wasn’t supposed to brush my hair because of my curls, and I am SO glad to have given myself permission to brush my hair. My scalp has never been happier and my hair is growing so fast after years of sluggish growth.”

-Tanya, Georgia.

“Thanks to The  Alchemy of Change class, I was able to change the way I think about doing hair and how it can be an intentional gift and how we as hairstylists can learn to receive abundantly in return for our skill and energy. It allowed me to let go of worrying about keeping up the pace with the hair industry world around me, and to live and work in a speed that feels good to me.”

Sarah S. Beck, Hairstylist/ Kansas City


“Roxie’s transformative hair cut was exactly what I needed to get some momentum going towards some major life changes that had been holding me back. I quit my job and started my own practice finally, with the talisman of my haircut as my reminder as I transitioned. Also, the cut grew out beautifully, as promised. ” 

Jen Sibo, Seattle WA

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