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DIY hair friday! Fourth day hair art Nouveau inspired hairstyle.

On the fourth day after no-poo, my hair is in perfect shape to be worn up.

On the morning of the fourth day, my Jonny says to me “I think it’s time to lay-off the no-poo”

I looked in the mirror, and my hair was wild and wavy with so much texture that it almost looked dreaded. Funny coming from a man who had dreads down to the back of his knees for years.

I will not lay off the no-poo. I a totally hooked on it. But I will tame my hair down and style my hair in a pretty way today, and share my how-to hairstyle with you. I twisted it up and pinned it and created this pretty and easy DIY hairstyle¬†that reminds me of a pendant on a necklace from the 1930’s that is in my jewelry box. Kind of Alphons Mucha /Art Nouveau. Here is the fourth day hair art Nouveau inspired hairstyle.


Start with a section of hair from each side. The section should be from the top of the head, straight down behind both ears. Take both pieces and twist them back and pin them together at the back of the head. This style has a soft look, so don’t make anything too tight.











Now take another section from behind each ear and twist them back and pin them in just below your first twists.











Now take two more pieces from below your last twists, twist them back, and pin them beneath.











Now take everything that is left hanging, and twist it into a very loose bun, and pin it right on top of your first side twists.

This hairstyle should feel both loose and soft, yet very structured and secure.





I feel pretty with this hairstyle! WIll you try it? What will you wear with it?



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  1. PinTutorials

    Great idea! I love my looong hair but sometimes it’s so boring.

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