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Gemini Hairoscope

coverFriends old and new, thanks for visiting us today for the 4nd edition of the Free Your Hair HOROSCOPE honoring the Gemini.

I offer this series to all as an ever-changing and morphing guide for Hair-Centered Radical Self Care, Ritual and Beauty in honor and tribute to each sign as they enter into their place in the Sun Rotation.

With this Hairoscope, we hope to inspire each sign of the zodiac to take some extra time on their birthday month to really love on and care for themselves. Every month, we will pull a card to share from The Moon Deck to inspire your monthly self-care ritual. With the sage advice of The Moon Deck, we will adapt our monthly mantras to bless and honor our own hair. We invite you to share these monthly Hairoscopes with your friends who are of that month’s astrological sign and help them take some time for self love!

For this series, I worked with artist Madison McClain to create our women of the horoscope, and with intuitive writer and healer Aarona Ganesan, co-creator of The Moon Deck, which is the Tarot Deck I use daily to inspire my own personal self-care rituals.

This month, we honor the Gemini

Moon Deck Ritual:

(Words and Rituals adapted from the Moon Deck Guidebook, changed slightly to speak specifically to our hair.)

Hair Brush Mantra:

‘I Honor the natural process for growth and transformation ‘

From the moment we leave the womb we journey through many life cycles and transform along the way. Growth is a natural process and change is inevitable. You are going through a metamorphosis and expanding with increasing beauty. Honor your growth and allow a joyful lightness to enter your journey.
Butterfly has arrived as a symbol of grace, joy, flight and transformation. She’s a messenger, fluttering about with alluring lightness and expressive color. From a slow moving caterpillar to a tightly wound cocoon into an exquisite butterfly in the sky, she does not deny the natural process of her evolution- it’s what makes her so incredibly special. Butterfly is here to remind you that your right on track to becoming an expression of your highest self, have patience in the process.

Take 5 minutes today to brush this mantra into your hair, repeating it to yourself with every stroke. Be in a comfortable, calm place without distraction. Close your eyes and breath, centering your body as you brush. If you are not a regular hair brusher, here is why we think you should try it, and here is where to get yourself a beautiful hair brush to work into your hair care ritual. If you are more of the combing type, consider a wooden wide toothed comb or your own fingers for a relaxing scalp massage.

Rainbow Bath Ritual

Your self-care ritual for your birthday month, dear Gemini, is to pull in the powerful transformative force of color alchemy and infuse your bath and your spirit in a rainbow of possibility.

Go on a walk around your neighborhood or at a nearby park. Gather leaves and flowers and petals in as many colors as you can find, filling out the spectrum as brilliantly as possible. Practice calling in the color red to begin with, and let only red flowers pull you towards them. Move through ROYGBIV, giving each color a chance to jump out at you. Acknowledge each shade as you pick.

Once you are satisfied with your range of colors, whisper your mantra into the flowers. Take them home, draw a bath, and add your rainbow of petals. Soak as long as you want, letting the petals kiss your skin with the intention that you gave them.

Hair Advice:

Gemini: In the spirit of transformation, this would be a great time to try out some color in your hair. I don’t mean like correcting grays or getting highlights. I mean like real color. Find a stylist who is excited to experiment, and share your deepest color dreams with them, making sure that you  are clear about your level of commitment to upkeep/care and investment. There is a color technique to fit all lives/textures/budgets. Want to DIY it? Try this.


Moon Phases in Gemini:

The New Moon and Full Moon are the most potent times for setting new intentions for healthy habits and relationships and creating rituals that are potent in their action. I highly recommend this months Brush Mantra and Rainbow Bath Ritual be done around both the 25th of May to observe the New Moon, setting an intention of what you are ready to let go of in your life/in your hair/in your relationship to yourself in physical and spiritual form, and around June 9th to observe the Full Moon, setting intention for what you are ready to bring in to your life. What do you want to manifest? Now is the time.

And how do you set an intention? for those who haven’t practiced it……Speak a little prayer to yourself. Honor it with the ritual of taking an Rainbow Bath. Hold the prayer in your heart as you practice self love. Make it so!

Please check out The Moon Deck for more musings. Gemini babes, may we suggest you get your own deck as a birthday gift to yourself and make a vow to love yourself and your hair more in this coming year.

What would you like to see woven into our monthly Hairoscope? I would love to hear your feedback! We are excited to watch this series grow and change with your input.

xo, HTHG and The Moon Deck



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