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Something for the whole family

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DIY haircuts, Manscaping, Shlobs and Mermaid hair…

Sit back and let these stories inspire you.

We all love a good hair transformation story – and there are lots to be had.

You’ll find a little bit mystery, plus lots of great transformations that are all low maintenance.

Children's Styles

Children’s Haircuts

Take your family’s hair into your own hands

DIY first haircuts

Kids hipster hairdos for boys and girls

Options for Men

Men’s Haircuts

Take your hair into your own hands.

Imaginative cuts for men.

Try being more dapper with some manscaping.

Women’s Haircuts

Ladies – Take Control

Got a lion’s mane?  Tame it!

Want Summer mermaid hair?  Find out how.

Or how about a sassy cut for Mom?

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