FREE YOUR HAIR Salon is an Apothecary Salon in North Seattle that offers Haircuts and color for people of all genders, textures & lifestyles. 

We specialize in artful haircuts with a ritual service, which honors your intention and life direction. We work with your natural hair texture to create shapes that grow out beautifully over time. Our apothecary offers custom blended hair products and remedies made from 100% earth-based, raw ingredients. We also create expertly formulated and inspired hair colors as natural or wildly colorful as you!


Meet our artists!

Roxie Jane Hunt specializes in FREE YOUR HAIR Ritual Haircuts, razor cutting, curls and texture. She also offers Prismatic Color Transformations inspired by rainbow color.

Carissa Thummel is a color specialist and herbalist whose focus is on all things color, blonding and reds for all skin tones. 


Cabryna Harkness is a conceptual hairstylist that specializes in both cut and color to create a style that matches just the vibe you are going for. Bring a photo of your favorite flower, character, or archetype and Cabryna will deliver the full transformation with skill and careful precision. 

Our services weave in our love of the botanical world, and our products are created in-house from 100% raw and earth-based ingredients.

Our aim is to transform your Hair and support YOU, while educating you on how to create and sustain the BEST Hair for your life. 



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