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Retro, Braids, Twists, Kids’, Long and Short Styles …

Adorning the crown with a hairstyle helps us call upon our highest and most powerful selves and is a wonderful addition to any special event.

Roxie has a very special love for floral hair styling, which blends the artistry of the hairstyle with the subtle magic of fresh flowers to create inspired designs that make incredible statements.

Get inspired and push your boundaries. Ha, what boundaries?

Get a uniquely inspired hairstyle!

Vintage Styles

Vintage Style Highlights and How-to

Pull at your twists from the sides.

Get your hair as high as the heavens.

Enjoy the boho retro soft vibe from a soft mod hair roll.


Braids, Twists, and Spirals

The perfect braid is about embracing imperfection.

Use your creative eye to design the look.

Instead of braids, do twists.

Put on Beyonce’s Lemonade and invoke the skills of the braid empresses.

Short Hairstyles

Short Hairstyles-do a lot with a little

Classic French twist variations.

If you can’t get every hair in place, don’t fret.

Never underestimate the power of the pin-curl

Long Hairstyles

Long Hairstyles-lots to twist, braid, wave, and curl

Casual Boho.

Bamboo braids, why not?.


Cool and Crimped

Kids' Hairstyles

Kids’ Hairstyles — a pure canvas

Hens and Chicks.

Wrap a dap.

Just one more pin and we’ve got it!

Bangs, curls, and puffs.