The Alchemy of Change

FREE YOUR HAIR EXCLUSIVE offering : A Self-Guided Transformational E-Course for Hairstylists

For those of you who want to learn from me, this is the foundational magic and wisdom of my approach to hairstyling and career empowerment in an engaging and comprehensive self-paced format just for YOU.

“Thanks to this class, I was able to change the way I think about doing hair and how it can be an intentional gift and how we as hairstylists can learn to receive abundantly in return for our skill and energy.  The Alchemy of Change allowed me to let go of the worry of keeping up with the pace of the “mainstream” hair industry, and allowed me to live at the speed that feels good to my soul. Thank you for helping me get UNSTUCK, Roxie.  From the bottom of my heart.”

Sarah Beck, Hairstylist

If you are experiencing creative burnout, lack of purpose or misalignment of values in your career as a hairstylist and you are seeking deeper meaning and creativity in your life, then The Alchemy of Change is for you. This course will help you align your creativity, skill, and values to transform yourself, your career, and those who sit in your chair.

I want to show you how to unlock personal and career transformation one haircut at a time.

Do you desire to feel revitalized, creative, worthy, inspired, and like what you do professionally reflects your personal truth and is contributing to collective transformation by changing beauty culture?

I have a offering for you. It is called The Alchemy of Change, and it is a self-guided online class/journey, based on a culmination of 20 years of radical, practical and magical FREE YOUR HAIR wisdom.

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 About the course

This course includes a multi-chapter PDF e-book and workbook with weekly practices and prompts, meant to be done at your own pace in your own time. The teachings cover topics such as making meaning behind the chair with the art of Ritual and Initiation, the lost skill of empowered consultation and non-toxic beauty communication, energetic boundaries and self-protection behind the chair, and valuing your time, skill and energy by self-defining success and charging your worth. With these skills you will transform your practice and magnetize your professional offerings.

In The Alchemy of Change, you will learn FREE YOUR HAIR method and magic to create a career which nourishes you creatively, spiritually, and financially while empowering your clients to value themselves and explore the edges of their identities.


Individual self-guided, self-paced journey: $333

*Scholarships available upon request.

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