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A little more about me…..

Born, raised, and trained in Seattle, I have been customizing hairdos for over 15 years. From young hipsters to old hippies and everyone in between, I specialize in hip, custom, low-maintenance ‘dos that grow out well and totally suit one’s face, lifestyle and personality.

After three years at Seattle’s most fabulous salon Vain, I moved to Fayetteville and opened Mayapple Salon and Boutique with a mission to provide a comfortable, fun environment where anyone can feel at home.

I founded Mayapple based on the concept of a place where getting one’s hair done is fun, exciting and relaxed—all at the same time. I enjoy designing the perfect custom ‘do to fit a persons hair, face, and life. I have tons of experience with curls and am certified in the Deva curl method of cutting. My colors range from gorgeous, subtle enhancements to unique, fantasy-inspired color. I recently completed an intensive advanced color class at Redken in Manhattan, and am working on my Redken Color Specialist certification.

I am also a mother of 2 girls who is home with them half the time. I started HTHG as a way of continuing to share hair secrets and tricks outside of the salon. The convenience of working from home, as well as sharing ideas to a wider market have kept me at a balance with my lifestyle and my creative ambition.

I created HTHG with the vision of empowering other moms to have good hair without having to spend a lot of time or money. Beyond that, I want to empower people in general, from all walks of life, to love and appreciate the unique gift of their hair and to have some fun with it! I use the quote “stuck in hair, stuck in life” as a reminder to use inspired hair as a gateway to positive change.

I am passionate about hair, and I am ready to share my hair secrets with you. I want to spread good hair as far and wide as I can. Please feel free to share your hair secrets and stories with me, too. I’m at Thank you for being here!


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