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The Birth of Mayapple Salon and Boutique

3 years ago, my sister-friend the fabulous jewelry designer Nikki Jacoby came to visit me in Arkansas. She brought with her a burst of creative energy and city vibe that I desperately needed to motivate me from full time new mama to DIY business owner and hair ninja. We were like….the time has come to open a shop. Why not? So we found a really funky cheap space in a quonset hut along the bike trail in downtown Fayetteville.

We wrote a little budget, and started diggin around for golden nuggets to start up. Because we planned on thrifting and doing all the work ourselves, the budget was very low and we were able to pull it all together. That year, our mantra was “make it work” thanks, Tim Gunn;).

Here is a little album that chronicles our journey. To get the full effect, bump you some M.I.A while you gaze.

Now, with Nikki back in Seattle designing jewelry, myself and the wonderful and talented Melissa Arens man the helm at Mayapple Salon and Boutique.

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