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Cut your husband’s hair…. You can!

Here’s Sky. His lovely wife Jessica asked me about a year ago to show her how to cut her husband’s hair. This was the birth moment of How-To Hair Girl. We were all just throwing out ideas like filming haircuts, sharing tricks, head cams, web sites, (they are a web design team) and there was a moment where we all looked at each other like ‘hey…..this is actually a really good idea.’

So here you go, Jess! Finally, a video you can watch to learn to cut your husband’s hair yourself. This is a classic easy DIY men’s haircut. This cut can be modified to be shorter on the top, or longer in the front and swept across the forehead into that super hipster dude cut. It can be done on any and all face shapes and hair types.

Do you want to try it? You can now purchase a more in depth how-to video of this look in the HTHG video store right now!. Try it on yourself or a lucky someone else. Don’t forget to send HTHG a before and after picture!


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