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Not Your Average Feather Hair Extensions

If you ask me, feather hair extensions went down the wrong path fast. As soon as those genetically modified rooster feathers hit the market, people all over the place made a mad dash to their nearest salon to get as many of those suckers attached to their heads as they could.

At first, it was novel and fun. But then it got played out. When your strip mall chain chop shop starts advertising ’em, you know its time to leave the chicken pluckers behind. Unfortunately we didn’t see many people experimenting with different feathers and feather arrangements beyond the rooster feathers.

5 years ago, at the Oregon Country Fair, way before the feather hair extension craze exploded, I noticed people getting into feather earrings. I loved it! I love feathers and had often marveled at the similarities between feathers and hair and how well they go together.

I’d spent some time that year experimenting with coloring hair to look like feathers, with great results. After the glorious, colorfull and whimsical country fair was over, I made it a goal to find a good feather source and start playing more with feathers. While searching online I stumbled upon and dove in headfirst.

By the next summer, I had figured out an easy way to blend feathers into the hair using a couple things that we all have laying around our houses……Thread, (nylon if possible for durability)  a dab of glue (I love Ecoglue, but good old Elmer’s will do the job), and your favorite feathers (, or your local crafting store, or perhaps in your backyard.)

These things were an instant mega-hit! Because I was braiding them in and attaching the feathers at the end of the braid instead of the clamp bead at the root, I had the freedom to experiment with all kinds of feathers, in all shapes and sizes and arrangements in a way that looked beautifull and lasted! I had some people whose feathers lasted 3 months!


Want to try ’em yourself? Check out this little demo and if you want the full length tutorial, become a premium subscriber.BTW, if you are feather-inspired, check out a sustainable source for hair feathers, and also go to the vain blog and look at Kelly’s feather hairdos! super unique and beautifull.

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