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Pretty razor cut







Here’s Nora. Shes got straightish, medium density hair. It’s grown a good 4 inches since her last haircut, and it’s feelin like time for a fresh summery ‘do. We decided to take her length up a good 5 inches, and add lots of layers, faceframing, and texture for a cut that is free, light, hip, and will grow out marvelously.

For this cut I used both these techniques, which don’t take long to master. All you need is comb, razor, and clips. I’m gonna do my best to walk you through it…









Step1. Part 4 sections: Straight down the middle of the head from the front hairline to the nape, then across from behind the ear to behind the ear.








Step 2, make diagonal subsections at the nape, hold hair down and razor straight across at determined length. Now make your next subsections, an inch above the first.















Step 3. Comb subsection 2 down, hold at 45 degree angle at the center. Razor straight across, then work through both sides of the subsection.

Step 4. Go back through section 2 and texturize the last 2 inches at the ends.








Step 5. Continue working your way up, with the next subsection an inch or so above the last, and continuing into your side sections, so that the parting goes straight from the center of the back of the head, above the ears, to both temples. Pull all the hair back to your design line and razor straight across.
















Step 6. Make your next subsection an inch higher, and begin to elevate your subsections.  comb hair to your design line and razor straight across, then go back through and texturize the last 2 inches at the ends of that subsection, but only in the back 2 sections, not the sides.
















Step 7. Make your next subsection an inch above the last, comb hair straight back and elevate, razor straight across the ends, then go back and texturize ends of the subsection, sides and back.

And voila! shes got a swing-y, fresh, summer-y do.

Your welcome;) xoxo, Howtohairgirl.

Step 8. Take the remainder of the hair as your last sub section, pull straight up, and razor across the ends at the top. Then go through and texturize.
















Step 9. Bucket bangs! Part off a triangle at the hairline, gather hair neatly above the bridge of the nose, razor straight across. Then part from 2 inches back from the hairline, straight down to behind both ears. Pull hair forward and vertical, and razor down, using the length of the bangs as your guide to begin, connecting to the longest layer in one gradual razored line.




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