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Curl puffs

My daughter Mars appropriately coined the ‘do curl puffs, after rag curling her hair for the first time.

When we first removed the rags, she wasn’t sure about how she felt about the little ‘fro. It didn’t help that I couldn’t control my laughter. So, we put it in little pigtail puffs, and everyone was happy.

Now she asks me at least once a week to rag curl her hair so she can do curl puffs. Pretty freakin cute. Pretty freakin easy, too!

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  1. Ram

    So cute! I was looking for a hairstyle for my 18 month old for her pictures tomorrow and I think I can do this. I’m not very good at doing hair beyond ponytails and basic braids, but your videos make me feel more confident about tackling a new hairstyle. Thanks for sharing!

    1. roxie.hunt Author

      YAY!!! you are so welcome:)

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