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Criss-cross twisted bun

Here is a pretty look is great for hair shoulder length and longer. It is a bit more involved than the others, but easy to get the hang of. This flirty yet sophisticated ‘do would be a great look for an upscale event. Little black dress? yes ma’am. Or maybe a little backless number:) DIY bride? definately.

I think its best when done loosely for a slightly more relaxed look.

You will want to start with making a small twisted bun in the middle of the back of your head. Then take a side front section and twist it across the top and around the bun, pinning in to place on the side of the bun.












The other side front section will be twisted across the top of the head, across the first twist and around the other side of the bun.







Then divide the rest of the hair under the bun into two, and starting on one side, twist a section up and across the back of the head under the bun, then wrap it around the bun and pin.











Do the same on the other side.

Pin any loose bits in to secure.

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